Aims 6000 watt inverter reviews | is it top powerful inverter?

To decrease your electricity bill and save the earth by using only the amount of power usage that is required for your work, Aims has been producing inverter chargers for ages now. In this Aims 6000-watt inverter reviews we’ve brought the 6000-watt 24V inverter charger that has the power and capacity to get things done. It does far more than keeping your food fresh and your neighborhood lit.

Aims 6000 Watt Inverter Review In Details

A 6000-watt low-frequency inverter with 110 Vac single phase 18000 watt surge only in 20 seconds. Which comes with -3X surge capability and battery priority selector terminal. This inverter is mainly used for emergency backup power.

You’ll always be prepared for the next power outage. With an output of 120Vac and with an SW4 switch between 50 or 60Hz. You can easily operate with this inverter in any place around the globe and in any electrical system the inverter can set in.

SpecificationsAims power inverter review

  • 23.5” x 8.5”x 7.0” dimensions
  • 79 lbs. weight
  • Waveform output: pure sine/ same as the input
  • Nominal Efficiency: 88%
  • Line Mode Efficiency: 95%
  • Output Frequency: 50Hz+/-.3Hz/60Hz+/-.3Hz
  • Transfer Time: 10ms
  • Input voltage: 48Vdc (Nominal)
  • Low battery alarm range: 42Vdc-44Vdc
  • Low battery Trip range: 4Vdc-42Vdc
  • High Voltage Alarm: 64Vdc
  • Idle Consumption: 4.16 amps DC

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Features of Aims 6000-Watt Inverter

In this portion of our Aims 6000-watt inverter reviews, we’ll discuss the salient features of the 6000 watt 120V inverter.

▷ Powerful Performance [Aims is one of the most powerful inverters]

An output of 6000W continuously. The surge power reaches 18000W within only 20 seconds. The input voltage of the inverter is 48 VDC. The pure sine clean power of the inverter is 120V AC. With features like an auto transfer switch and low-frequency rate, the inverter is unique. The 60A smart battery charger has 8 different battery technologies that include lithium also.

▷ Protections [Have 10 security alarms]

This inverter has different kinds of alarms. These alarms set off if the self-diagnosis of the device detects any problem within the system.

The alarm goes off in case of overload, over-temperature, high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, low and high voltage, malfunctioned cooling fan, and if the ground neutral is isolated. By setting off things alarms the system keeps its status quo. A manual diagnosis of the device is hardly needed.

▷ Applications [It can be used in many cases]

You can simultaneously use the device to work as a generator or inverter power. You can use it in homes, boats, RVs, Solar, mobile businesses, or your work trucks. The 24V capacity of the device is more efficient and you can use smaller cables if you like. It can provide both off-grid and backup power.

▷ Aims are 3 in 1 product

Aims inverters are in business for almost 20 years. Their products ensure reliability and versatility. This inverter from Aims is a three-in-one product. This is the best part about this inverter in this Aims 6000 watt inverter reviews.

  1. To power tools and appliances of all kinds, the inverter can transform DC power stored
    in batteries to AC electricity.
  2. You can easily switch from a battery bank to shore power thanks to the built-in 50amp transfer switch. Then the device automatically detects the outrage and provides power from your backup battery bank. In the event of a power outage, this is a great option to have.
  3. A built-in 45 amp battery charger is also included with the package that uses AC power
    from any fuel-generator. You can use that to recharge the battery bank also. To adjust the voltage provided to the bank a battery-type selector is available on the top of the unit.

aims power inverter safety feature

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▷ Remote Control

As we know that the switch panel is on the top of the inverter but another extra switch panel is connected to the RJ11 port around the DC side via a standard telephone cable. This cable can also control the operation of the inverter. In this remote-control port if you connect any extra switch panel then you can operate parallelly together with both panels.

▷ Auto Generator Start [This feature saves your time and labor]

When the battery voltage of a generator drops the inverter can easily start it up. On the contrary, if the low battery alarm goes off of the inverter then it can automatically turn on the generator and charge itself and turn it off later after charging.

This facility of auto generator start only works in automatic start capable generators. Start and stop controls are a must-have for the generators along with safety sensors to automatically start and stop.

A short circuit option is available with an open/close relay that will put the positive and negative cables of a generator. The maximum current the relay can carry is 16 Amp but the DC voltage can vary from time to time. The pins used in the auto generator are not polarized. They can also work as dry contacts in sending an alarm.

▷ Battery Temperature Sensing [your battery’s safety issue]

To achieve optimum battery performance and longevity proper application of charge voltage is critical. The battery temperature changes with the ideal charge voltage required by a battery. The charge voltage of a battery is continuously adjusted by the temperature sensor by the charge controller.

If the temperature of the battery is over 104℉ the with each degree temperature rise the charging voltage will reduce by 0.1Vdc.

▷ Conformal Coating [You have no maintenance cost]

This Aims 6000W inverter is processed with conformal coating on the PCB. Which makes it water, rust, dust, and corrosion-resistant. Though these protections pretty much do their job in resisting damage yet the inverter is not splash-proof.

Pros & Cons of Aims 6000-watt Inverter 

We’ll try to draw fine lines between the pros and cons of the inverter in this portion of our Aims 6000-watt inverter reviews.

ProsAims 6000 watt inverter reviews

  1. Auto generator start
  2. Peak power of 18000 watts
  3. AC current of 110,120,22,240 V
  4. Auto-detect frequency of 50 to 60 Hz.
  5. Heat sensor
  6. Additional panel
  7. Smart charging

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  1. Constant beeping noise
  2. Lights go off while the machine keeps running

Let’s see a video review for aims 6000-watt inverter!


This Aims inverter can make a perfect backup for your regular and household works as well as use in your RVs, boats, solar, and in any mobile business. This inverter functions as a mini power grid.

One this sure that if you select this inverter to work daily you will not regret choosing it. Hope Our Aims 6000-watt inverter reviews were helpful enough for you to find the best one suitable for you.

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