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If you are thinking to hit the water and go fishing, then you are surely going to use a trolling motor to continue with your journey. Most of the trolling motors are powered by batteries. Therefore you need to choose the best trolling motor battery for your boat. As there are many trolling motor batteries out in the market it can be quite tricky to choose one. 

Always try to make sure that your journey does not get pondered with the failure of your battery. Nowadays battery technology has come a long way. AGM technology batteries have come a long way. With their deep cycle design, long-running time, and very slow discharge. As they come fully sealed there is no hassle of maintenance. We’ve gathered a collection of the best trolling motor batteries for you that will help you find the perfect one.

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List of 7 Best Trolling Motor Batteries

Image Product Features Price
Mighty Max Battery 12V 100Ah Replacement Battery Compatible with Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center Brand Product Mighty Max Battery 12V 100Ah Replacement Battery Compatible with Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center Brand Product

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Optima OPT8016-103 Batteries D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery Optima OPT8016-103 Batteries D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

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Interstate Batteries 12V 35Ah Deep Cycle Battery (DCM0035) Rechargeable Replacement Mobility Battery Interstate Batteries 12V 35Ah Deep Cycle Battery (DCM0035) Rechargeable Replacement Mobility Battery

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12 Volt Rechargeable Lithium Battery - 12 V 10 Ah - LiFEPO4 12 Volt Rechargeable Lithium Battery – 12 V 10 Ah – LiFEPO4

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WindyNation 100AH 12V 12 Volt AGM Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery WindyNation 100AH 12V 12 Volt AGM Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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Trojan T31-AGM 12V 100Ah Group 31 Deep Cycle AGM Battery Trojan T31-AGM 12V 100Ah Group 31 Deep Cycle AGM Battery

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Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah Solar Wind AGM SLA DEEP Cycle VRLA Battery Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah Solar Wind AGM SLA DEEP Cycle VRLA Battery

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Buyer’s guide on the type of trolling motor battery

Among various types of motor batteries available in the market. They each have expertise in their sectors. Therefore, we’ll try to look into all of them and try to find out which is the best trolling motor battery for you. 

Wet Cell trolling motor battery

Wet cell trolling motor batteries are capable of handling frequent drains that come at an affordable price. These batteries are relatively durable regarding other batteries. In case you need a budget-friendly trolling motor then this cell is the right choice for you.

These batteries need maintenance often. You’ll need to refill the water level from time to time and check corrosion. Therefore, these batteries are a bit heavier than other batteries. They only last about 1-2 years long. 

AGM trolling motor battery

Compared to wet cell batteries the absorbed glass mat batteries are considered an upgrade. They have a 3-4 year long-lasting lifespan. Maintenance regarding this battery is close to zero.

AGM batteries have a sealed body that has a lesser chance of leakage and they weigh less than wet cells. If you have smaller vessels where space is a bit restricted this type of battery is a good choice.

Regarding price, AGM batteries are a bit on the higher side. Compared to wet cell batteries they cost double the price, though they offer better performance and lifespan.

GEL CELL trolling motor battery

The difference between gel batteries and AGM batteries is that although they both use suspended electrolyte gel batteries have a silica additive to them. 

Leak and spill-proof facilities are available in these batteries and they are almost maintenance-free. You can mount these batteries at any place.

For deep cell applications, these batteries are best suited. Some consider this type as the best trolling motor battery type. You can use it in electric wheelchairs and trolling motors.

There are some advantages to these gel cells. Applications that require slow discharge rates are perfect to use in these batteries. Also, where the temperature is on the higher side you can effortlessly use these batteries. Low and poor ventilation does not affect these batteries.

Gel cell batteries have some drawbacks, the cost of these batteries is a bit on the higher side and the cost of the counterparts are also high.

These batteries are also prone to overcharging and if a suitable charge is not provided Gel cell batteries can cause failure or damage.

Lithium-ion trolling motor battery

Lithium-ion batteries are the most environment-friendly trolling motor batteries available on the market. Regarding technology, Lithium-ion batteries are far ahead of other batteries. They provide high performance and very fast recharges.

These batteries are becoming quite popular among users who like compact and lightweight yet powerful batteries. They produce lightweight best trolling motor batteries.

Though lithium-ion batteries are a bit costly than other batteries you are a person who always looks for performance then this is the type for you. 

Dual Purpose or Deep Cycle trolling motor battery

Two types of variation are seen in a trolling motor battery, they are either dual purpose or deep cycle. One thing that is common between them though that is they both discharge over long periods. 

Dual Purpose trolling motor battery

Dual-purpose batteries have two functions that are starting and deep cycling. Which makes them a versatile batteries. You can use them in various onboard motors and electrics. 

A good dual-purpose battery can be used in different equipment at different times. Though dual-purpose batteries do not perform quite as dedicated deep cycling batteries. They often fail before being discharged completely. You can avoid this inconvenience by charging it regularly.

Deep Cycle trolling motor battery

These types of batteries cannot crank engines but they can offer more and more deep cycling efficiency. The life span of these batteries is longer than regular dual-purpose batteries. As this battery comes with a deeper discharging ability it’s safer to discharge dual-purpose batteries. Though they are the best trolling motor battery types.

Even though these batteries are smaller in size they produce excellent performance and great amp hours.  Shortcomings of these batteries are they are not suitable for starting motors, therefore if you use a deep cycle battery then first, you’ll have to make sure of a dedicated starting battery.

Ampere Hours of trolling motor battery

The total charge inside a trolling motor battery can be measured in a unit of ampere-hours. You get an idea about how much electricity is stored inside by just looking at the numbers. The higher the numbers the more time your battery shall last. For trolling motor batteries there is no single AH rating because each angler influences the necessity of charge. 

For example, a small battery of 25 AH which is used in a small boat will offer similar runtime to a 100AH battery which is used in a larger boat that moves at a higher speed. 

Regarding batteries the higher the AH number the better as they can store more charges than others. Though higher AH will cost you more they are often worth the investment.

There are different levels of batteries considering their AH. Smaller ones have 25 AH, medium-sized ones have around 50 AH and large ones had 100+ AH.

To determine the battery charging capability by AH you can measure it compared to the amp draw of the motor. If your motor uses only 25 amps at top speed then a 100Ah battery lasts around four hours. The weight and speed of vehicles can have an impact on the amp draw. Therefore, they may vary from time to time. 

 7 Best trolling motor batteries Review In Details

1. Mighty Max trolling motor battery review

Mighty max produces different sizes of batteries. To help you find out the best trolling motor battery we’ve mentioned all three of the sizes.

35AH Mighty max trolling motor battery review

Specifications of 35AH Mighty max trolling motor battery35AH Mighty max trolling motor battery

  • 7.68 in x 5.16 in x 7.13 in dimensions
  • Weight about 23.15 lbs.
  • Voltage 12V
  • Amperage 35Ah
  • SLA, AGM technology
  • Warranty of 1 year

Powerful supply

The mighty Max Ml35-12 12V 35AH can deliver power when you need it. The combination of art, heavy-duty, and calcium alloy provides exceptional performance both in floating and cyclic applications.

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AGM technology

Absorbent glass mat technology in this ML35-12 is unique with a regulated design that offers usability in enclosed and indoors without compromising the maintenance, therefore, giving a top-notch performance.


These SLA batteries are used in a wide variety of appliances. You can use it in electric vehicles, engine starters, golf carts, hunting, garden tools, medical, power sports, medical, solar, toys, lighting and security, and many more.

55Ah Mighty max trolling motor battery review

Specifications of 55Ah Mighty max trolling motor battery55Ah Mighty max trolling motor battery

  • 9.02 inches x 5.43 inches x 9.13 inches dimensions
  • 38.6 pounds of weight
  • ML55-12 SLA rechargeable maintenance battery
  • 30-day refund policy and 1-year warranty

Additional features

  • Heavy-duty battery with calcium-alloy grid
  • AGM technology along with valve regulated design performs in both float and cyclic applications alike
  • Maintenance-free experience out of the box
  • Can be used in a wide variety of appliances like Electronics, Engine starter, Hunting, Power sports, and others.

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100Ah Mighty max trolling motor battery review

Specifications of 100Ah Mighty max trolling motor battery

  • 12.17 inches x 6.61 inches x 8.30 inches dimensions100Ah Mighty max trolling motor battery
  • 60 pounds weight
  • SLA/AGM battery
  • 30-day refund policy and 1-year warranty

Additional features

  • ML100-12 SLA features a group 30H SLA battery
  • Comes without any mounting accessories
  • Maintenance-free experience
  • Spill-proof battery
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Mountable at any position
  • Stable performance at very low temperature
  • Shocks and vibration resistant
  • 30-day refund policy with a 1-year warranty

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2. Optima D34M trolling motor battery review

Specifications of Optima D34M trolling motor battery

  • 10 x 6.88 x 7.8 inches dimensionsBest trolling motor battery
  • Weighs about 43.5 pounds
  • Voltage 12V
  • 750 cold cranking Amps
  • Dual SAE
  • 55 Ah C20 capacity
  • 5/16 steel stud posts
  • 870A cranking amps
  • 120 minutes long reserve capacity

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Spiralcell technology

The ‘SPIRALCELL’ technology is what makes the 12V battery powerful. With this technology, you can charge your battery faster than standard batteries. Also, you can longer run time 3 times more than RV batteries. 

The optima 8016-103 D34M blue top battery is equipped with a dual-purpose facility. Operations like starting and Deep cycle are the two functionalities of this battery.

The optima 8016-103 D34M is times more resistant to vibration than standard batteries. While using this battery as a deep cycle marine battery is proven to be 15 times more vibration resistant than others. Continual vibrating is harmful and permanently damages any marine battery. As the materials of the optima battery are physically rigid, the plate movements can easily avoid any kind of damage in such difficult conditions.

All these batteries are made in such construction which has made them spill-proof. The container holding them is unbreachable and sealed with precision. Therefore, acid cannot spill from the container. Which makes the battery environmentally safe and easily portable in case of its usage in RVs and boats.

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Due to the spiral-cell technology this battery charges faster than any standard battery available nowadays. The self-discharge rate of the optima 8016-103 D34M Blue is also very low. Where other marine batteries lose their charge if they remain unused for a certain period. Therefore, you can use this battery after a long time though it might have been idle the whole time. That does not hamper the recharging rate.

3. Interstate AGM Deep Cycle trolling motor battery review

Specifications of Interstate AGM Deep Cycle trolling motor battery

  • 5.16 x 6.42 x 7.68 inches dimensionsInterstate AGM Deep Cycle trolling motor battery
  • 22.9 pounds of weight
  • Deep cycle AGM model
  • Voltage 12V
  • Manufacturer part number DCM0035
  • Polished exterior

Multiple usabilities

Interstate batteries come with multiple functionalities. You can use this deep-cycle battery in Jazzy chars, Pride mobility scooters, leisure lift, Ranger all season, Invacare battery, Kubota mowers, and in Hoveround products. Though you cannot use this battery in golf cars. These batteries are not compatible with them.

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This interstate battery is a rechargeable battery. Though you’ll hardly need to charge the battery at first. It recharges very quickly and saves charge while discharging. 


Interstate 12V deep cycle battery is a maintenance-free battery. You don’t need to change the water of the battery and clean it for corrosion. It saves you time and energy. 


This battery is spill-proof due to the AGM design and VRLA technology that curbs any spill and overpressure of the battery.

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The materials used in this battery are professional-grade. They are specially made for wheelchairs and scooters. They have a very long lifespan for deep discharge usage. It performs relatively well in mobile devices like wheelchairs. 

The 7-point quality control of this battery ensures industry standards of the products that also offer a 1-year unmatched warranty.

4. LiFEPO4 Dakota Lithium trolling motor battery review

Specifications of LiFEPO4 Dakota Lithium trolling motor battery

  • 5.94 x 2.55 x 3.74 inches dimensionsLiFEPO4 Dakota Lithium trolling motor battery
  • 2.87 pounds weight
  • Dakota Lithium brand
  • Voltage: 12V
  • 60% lighter than equivalent Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries
  • 5 times longer life (2000 charge cycles vs. 400 on SLA)
  • 75% higher effective capacity than SLA batteries
  • Includes Battery Management System (BMS) protection circuit

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Longer Service Life

This lifepo4 battery can provide up to 2500-7000 cycles and has a lifetime of 10 years whereas in typical acid batteries the lifetime is only 200-500 cycles and they last about 3 years approximately. 

Efficient Power

LIfepo4 battery can hold above 12V up to 90% of capacity only that enables the battery to give astronomical boosts with only 50% lead-acid available in it. Also, this battery has a 75% higher capacity than SLA batteries. 

Impeccably Lightweight

Lifepo4 batteries are 60% lighter than equivalent sealed lead-acid batteries. Therefore, transportability enables the user to use this battery in different places. You can use this battery in your RV, Marine as well as off-grid applications where mobility is an issue.

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Complete Protection 

The battery management system comes built-in in this battery. Which protects the battery from overcharge, deep discharge, overloading, overheating, and short-circuit.

5. WindyNation AGM Deep Cycle trolling motor battery review

Specifications of WindyNation AGM Deep Cycle trolling motor battery

  • 13 x 6.8 x 8.7 inches dimensionsWindyNation AGM Deep Cycle trolling motor battery
  • 66 pounds weight
  • Manufacturer: Windy Nation
  • Voltage 12V
  • Amperage: 100AH
  • Sealed Lead Acid battery

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This windy nation battery can produce 100 amp-hour amperages. The 12V heavy-duty deep-cycle lead-acid battery plates are designed to provide exceptional performance in deep cycling and discharges of time. 


Windynation batteries are ideal for all types of off-grid power systems like solar systems, RV’s, UPS, offshore marine power, telecommunications, and many batteries powered portable tools. 


The 99.99% pure virgin lead makes the discharge rate of this battery very low and provides maximum power storage. At 25 degrees Celsius, the floating rate is 10 to 12 years. It’s the best trolling motor battery regarding efficiency.

 6. Trojan T31-AGM trolling motor battery review

Specifications of Trojan T31-AGM trolling motor battery

  • 0.51 x 6.8 x 8.3 inches dimensionsTrojan T31-AGM trolling motor battery
  • 69 pounds weight
  • Manufacturer: Trojan
  • ASIN: B00NY0S8SY
  • One specific required battery
  • Amperage: 100mAh
  • Voltage 12
  • Group:31
  • Chemistry: AGM

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This Trojan’s deep-cycle AGM battery has some design elements that enable it to deliver optimum performance. To isolate the positive and negative plates of the battery a glass fiber is used between them. To assure contact with plate surfaces the separator is maintained under compression.


To provide high-power density, a computer-generated grid design is introduced in this battery. The life cycles of the batteries are extended by robust plates. Gas emissions and flame arresting are reduced by low calcium grid alloy. 

To prevent any build-up of excessive pressure one-way relief vent is there. They are low-temperature tolerant. Facilities like shock and vibration proof are also embedded. 

Renewable Energy

Trojan for more than 85 years in providing the highest quality batteries. Mostly deep-cycle batteries are their expertise. One thing that is common in all of the products they have produced over the years is their durability, long-lasting life, and excellent performance. It’s the best trolling motor battery regarding eco-friendly nature. 

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Trojan has been a leading supplier in the world of deep cycling batteries. Important features are mainly performance-based on them. A wide range of renewable and backup power appliances along with high-quality, deep-cycle flooded, AGM batteries are produced by them.

 7. Universal Power Group trolling motor battery review

Specifications of Universal Power Group trolling motor battery

  • 16.44 x 12.75 x 12.56 inches dimensionsUniversal Power Group trolling motor battery
  • 60 pounds weight
  • 12V voltage
  • Non-spillable battery

Shock and vibration resistant

This battery is both shock and vibration-resistant. For marine, electric vehicles, and solar power storage, this battery is an ideal choice.

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AGM technology makes the battery capacity perform at a very high level. There is no chance of spilling in this battery. Therefore, the probability of any accidental damage is reduced. 

Maintenance-free battery

The universal power group battery is mainly a maintenance-free battery contrary to the flooded batteries. The hassle of changing fluids and checking the battery regularly not going to bother the users. 

Stands up to cold temperatures

Withstanding cold temperatures is another vital point of this battery. The operational temperature of this battery is from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees. 

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It recharges faster

This battery recharges fast. Which is five times more than normal flooded batteries. Therefore, the long wait while your battery is charging is over.

Buying Guide ▷ For BestTrolling Motor Battery

When it comes to trolling motor batteries each person has different needs and preferences. Vessel size and the frequency of fishing and many more factors will affect choosing the best trolling motor battery for you. 

How many voltage batteries are needed for trolling motor?

Trolling motor batteries mostly have a voltage of 12V. If your trolling motor is more powerful at a voltage of 24V then you’ll need two 12V batteries to ensure that. If you do not have a high-end motor then you can use 12V which is suitable for most trolling motors.

Best durable trolling motor battery

Always look for batteries that will give a long-lasting performance and cope with regular wear and tear. AGM batteries are less susceptible to water damage, leakages and vibrations because they are sealed within a casing. 

But AGM batteries are more expensive compared to others. But good things come at a good price. Though it ultimately saves money as it will provide service for years. 

Maintenance of your trolling motor battery

A Wet Cell battery needs maintenance often, you’ll need to top it with filtered water, inspect for corrosion, and perform regular cleaning. A basic mixture of water and baking soda can remove corrosion easily. Apart from these maintenance hassles, wet cell batteries are cheaper than most batteries. 

On the contrary, lithium-ion and AGM batteries require zero maintenance therefore you don’t need to worry much about changing water levels of the battery or any kind of internal damage. So, after buying these batteries you don’t need to worry about any maintenance though they cost a bit more than others.

Weight and Size of trolling motor battery


The overall performance of the battery is hugely impacted by the weight and size of the trolling motor battery. So before buying one make sure that the battery isn’t too heavy for your boat. If you push your boat to its weight capacity then the battery of your boat will drain quickly. Therefore, always try to look for lightweight batteries. 

Most anglers don’t have excessive weight on their boat therefore heavier batteries may not be an issue for them. Among all the classes batteries are between 20-50 lbs. You can use any battery in a Kayak that weighs below 30lbs.

If you have a lot of weights on your boat then always try to go for a bigger and heavier battery as it will provide better performance than others. 

Also if you need to carry your battery with you from place to place then consider a lighter one. A compact battery is good for transportation. On the contrary, weight is not much of an issue if your battery is permanently installed.


Before buying a trolling battery, size is a matter of consideration as you may require different sizes of batteries according to your appliances. If your boat has space for larger size batteries then you should choose large batteries. 

On the other hand, if you have tight space on your boat then go for small size batteries. Heavy boats require large batteries to power them to achieve maximum speed. Therefore, larger batteries are recommended for large watercraft.

If space is not an issue for you then we recommend stronger and bigger batteries. To power, the motor for longer durations bigger batteries are needed. Therefore, you can enjoy your time in the water while you are fishing all day you don’t need to worry about dying your battery. 

Which battery lifetime will belong?

Depending on the type of battery you buy the lifespan of your battery shall vary. Whereas, wet cell batteries have a short lifespan. They usually last for 1 or two years with maximum maintenance. 

Consideringly, AGM batteries offer longer lifespans than them. They last for an average of about 3-5 years which depends on the quality of the batteries. 

Lithium-ion batteries can last for approximately 10 years. Therefore, they are the best trolling motor battery in terms of lifespan. Though they come at a higher price. Many people consider buying several cheap batteries over the year than sticking with one battery. 

Other than AGM and Wet cell batteries, the lifespan of each battery is guaranteed. Though some good quality AGM batteries may last about 4 years. 

Manufacturers provide warranties for almost all the batteries. You’ll get an idea about the lifespan of the battery once you take a look at your battery’s warranty conditions.

Which batteries are charged at less time?

If you frequently use your trolling motors then you’ll need to charge your batteries quickly. Quicker recharging time gives you ample time to focus on your work to be less worried about your battery. AGM batteries provide the fastest recharging time. You can charge them up to 98% in no time. Therefore, giving you a convenient experience. 

Chargers of a battery also is an important consideration. The chargers that offer bulk charges have some shortcomings as they burst of short charges, so look for voltage regulation chargers that offer full and fast charge options.

Trolling battery boxes for your safety issues

For battery safety issues you can use the battery box. For this reason, we suggest you some battery boxes. In this portion of our search for the best trolling motor battery, we’ll discuss the trolling battery box.

List of 4 Best Trolling Battery Boxes

Image Product Features Price
Minn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Marine Battery Power Center Minn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Marine Battery Power Center

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Camco Heavy Duty Large Box with Hardware | Fits Group 27, 30 and 31 Durable, Anti-Corrosion Material Camco Heavy Duty Large Box with Hardware | Fits Group 27, 30 and 31 Durable, Anti-Corrosion Material

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SeaSense Deluxe Power Station Battery Box, Black SeaSense Deluxe Power Station Battery Box, Black

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NOCO HM318BKS Group 24-31 Snap-Top Battery Box, Black NOCO HM318BKS Group 24-31 Snap-Top Battery Box, Black

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1. Minn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Battery box

Specifications of MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center

  • 14.9 x 8.7 x 15 inches dimensionsMinn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Battery box
  • 1-pound weight
  • Unisex-adult usability
  • Two 12V ports
  • 24 and 27 size batteries are compatible

This battery box features dual accessory ports for a convenient connection for 12V DC accessories to use in the battery. Through these external battery ports, you are provided with an easy connection to trolling motors and without opening the box you get charger leads.

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You can use this battery box in a small boat that does not come with battery compartments. This box allows battery terminals and trolling motor leads to get connected without the hassle of opening the box.

LED display

A built-in display that shows the current of charge inside your battery. So you can keep track of things of your battery. With only a push you can know about your charge level. 

Circuit breakers

This battery box offers two manual sets of reset circuit breakers, they are 10amp for accessories and 60 amp for trolling motors. This integrated circuit breaker works as a safety feature for the battery.

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Additional features
  • This battery box is perfect for small boats
  • Comes with the portable battery compartment 
  • Good with transom-mount trolling motors

2. Camco Heavy Duty Large Box for trolling motor battery

Specifications of Camco Heavy Duty Large Box

  • 6.1 x 12.5 x 10 inches package dimensions Camco Heavy Duty Large Box for trolling motor battery
  • 7 ¼” Wide X 13 ¼” Long X 8 5/8” inside dimensions
  • 3.49 pounds weight
  • Camco brand
  • A cover is included 
  • Model: 55373

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This Camco heavy-duty battery is a lift-off lid battery that comes with a durable woven hold-down strap. That helps while you are carrying the battery by the shoulder. The foot clamps of the battery box are sturdy and the screws are made of stainless steel. 


You can use batteries of 27, 30, and 31 sized batteries in it. Additional head rooms are provided for battery terminals.

3. SeaSense Deluxe Power Station trolling motor Battery Box

Specifications of SeaSense Deluxe Power Station Battery Box

  • 17 x 14 x 11 inches dimensionsSeaSense Deluxe Power Station trolling motor Battery Box
  • Weighs about 4.94 ounces
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Manufacturer: SeaSense

This battery box comes with a built-in LED indicator that indicates the updates regarding the battery. Though it is of very low quality yet better than nothing. 

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Power socket

You can easily hook up your accessories with external terminals. The power socket of this battery box is built within the cap of the battery. A direct charge is possible via external terminals. Therefore, until and unless the battery needs replacement you don’t need to open the battery box. 


There is a circuit breaker in this battery to prevent it from voltage rampage.

4. NOCO HM318BKS Group 24-31 trolling motor Battery Box

Specifications of NOCO HM318BKS Group 24-31 Battery Box

  • 17.63 x 10 x 10.5 inches dimensionsNOCO HM318BKS Group 24-31 trolling motor Battery Box
  • 1.85 pounds weight
  • Model: HM318BKS
  • Polished exterior
  • Comes with 42 inches battery box strap
  • Compatible with group 24-31
  • Voltage: 12V

This 24-31 battery box is for the heavy-duty group, that is compatible with RV, boat, and trailer batteries that can be adjusted to cope with various group size batteries.

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To fasten the lid to the base more securely and to prevent cracking during relocation it has a patented locking tab. The battery box is impact-resistant and not affected by acid, gas, or UV exposure. 

Short-circuit technology prevents the battery from any accidental damage. An adequate ventilation system is another feature of this battery box.

Questions About Best Trolling Motor Battery

In this portion, we’ll try to answer frequently asked questions on trolling motor batteries to find the best trolling motor battery. 

What is the lasting time of a battery with a single charge?

The lasting of your battery charge depends on many factors. For fast travelers traveling at a very high speed or a vehicle that is pulling a very heavy load the battery is supposed to run out in a very short time. 

If you use the battery-less or use it for light purposes then the battery shall last longer in a single charge. To calculate the usage of your battery just divide the amp hours by the amp that is available within the motor.

What is the charging time of a trolling motor battery?

Compared to AGM and deep-cycle batteries Lithium-ion batteries take a lot less time in charge. The amps available in the charger decide the charging time. With higher amps, you can charge the batteries faster. Within 12 hours you can charge your batteries on average. 

How to store the trolling motor battery?

When you have completed your trip always try to make sure that you first recharge your battery. Leaving a battery discharged for a long time can create problems, the battery can become dead in a matter of time

After a long time, break, just like car batteries your battery may seem hard to recharge. Therefore, you should always ensure that your battery is charged. During cold weather take extra care of your battery by charging it regularly.

So, if you keep them charged then you’ll always be ready to head out in the water. Always try to store the battery in a cool and dry place so that you can extend its lifespan. But storage is different in terms of wet-cell batteries. You need to store it in distilled water so that the fluid of the battery stays at the correct level.

Extreme cold weather can damage your battery, so when the weather is quite chilling then try to store the batteries at normal temperature. Otherwise, it will decrease lifespan and performance.

Some batteries nowadays can be trickle-charged. So, you can keep them charging at a very low speed. If you do that always try to check your battery regularly to ensure their working state and keep alive the best trolling motor battery. 

What kind of charger do I need for trolling motor battery?

Different chargers are recommended by different manufacturers. But the charger should have good amperage and is compatible with ABM batteries as well. 

Manufacturer-recommended chargers are safe though. By using them you can extend your battery life. 

Is the warranty of a battery important?

Warranties are an important part while purchasing a battery because your projects can run for a longer period and you need to get covered for that period. The best trolling motor battery should have the best warranty. User feedbacks on their experience with the battery is also important. 

Therefore, before deciding on buying any battery always try to do your research. Many batteries offer 5 years long warranties and some only offer only a few months. That depends on the brands. Also, you get an idea about the batteries just by checking their warranties. 

How do I find what Group Size?

Group sizes are always mentioned in the battery manual or simply by checking the specifics of the battery you can find it out. 

Are our Deep Cycle batteries best to use in Trolling Motors?

Over a long gradual period, you can use deep cycle batteries and their discharging power. The reason they are best for trolling motors is that you can use them while fishing out in the water for longer periods of more than 8 hours.

Therefore, no other rechargeable battery has that kind of capacity. Because the regular ones will exhaust quickly and only these deep cycle batteries can ensure this type of performance in the water.

What is the range of trolling motors?

Though the range of trolling motors depends on the battery, typically they are capable of 30-116 that varies from size and voltage of the battery. 

What is the duration of a deep cycle battery running on a trolling motor?

The running time hugely depends on the size of your battery. But generally, a 25 amps battery can run for a time of 4 hours. 

Can a car battery perform as a trolling motor?

Car batteries do not do well with trolling motor. These types are not the best trolling motor battery to use. There are a few reasons for that. Because they are made in such a way to provide high shore current burst. But the total amount of power they store is quite low. 

Car batteries can damage your electronic components because they send too much current. Also, they should not be drained to a minimum level. A dead car battery can damage the battery cells and lifespan.

Final Word

Choose your battery carefully and start your journey with it on the water. AGM and deep cycle batteries are long-lasting and preferable in all kinds of situations. Whichever brand you buy always tries to maintain it and keep it safe from all kinds of damage.

Therefore, you’ll be provided long-term service with a troller motor in use without breaking your budget. Try to go for a maintenance-free battery. This way you can focus more on your work than your battery. Hope this review helps you to find the best trolling motor battery.


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