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You can find plenty of devices that can function only when plugged into AC voltage. But what if you go on a camping trip when there is only DC power? Nothing can be a more economical power alternative to run your important devices on the go than a power inverter. An inverter can take DC power and convert it into AC power to let you run your AC devices. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose a single one because there is a huge number of power inverters in the market. That is why we like to introduce you to one of the most exceptional power inverters available today which is the DEWALT DXAEPI1000 power inverter. In this DeWalt Power Inverter 1000W Review, we will help you go through all the specifications of this inverter.

dewalt inverter logoFormed in 1923 by Raymond E. DeW, DeWalt has been around for a long time now. DeWalt is an American brand that has already been one of the most prestigious tool brands. In terms of efficient performance and long-lasting durability, this company’s innovations are noteworthy. The reasons behind DeWalt’s ever-expanding business are powerful performance, reliability, and value for its price. All the products of DeWalt are made of heavy-duty components to last longer. It is quite amazing to see how they have been improving themselves over time. They started with manufacturing tools for construction and woodwork purposes and now they have stepped into other power tools including power inverters.

DeWalt does not only make good tools but also helps customers by providing the best business solution. Their website is so well-organized that it facilitates customers by providing various business solutions. You may find their prices a little high but price is not the problem when you are happy with the product, right? Simply, DeWalt guarantees satisfaction by making reliable and long-lasting tools. Without any further talk let’s move on with our DeWalt Power Inverter 1000W Review. We are making this review with the hope that it will help you truly understand why you should buy the DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter.

DeWalt Power Inverter 1000W Review In Detail

The DEWALT DXAEPI1000 power inverter is one of the most versatile inverters in the market that can be directly connected with your car battery. By plugging into the 12-Volt outlet in your vehicular battery, this inverter can deliver power to multiple devices. It can provide 1000 Watt of practical household power suited for any tools on the job site. Featuring an LCD screen, this inverter lets you know the real-time condition about power consumption, battery status, and every fault issue. DeWalt Power Inverter 1000W

Made of slim aluminum housing, the DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter is one of the most durable inverters around. This inverter also features dual 120 volt AC outlets and 3 3.1 Amp USB charging ports to let you power or charge accessories like laptops, power tools, and other electronic devices. You should know that all the necessary connectors and hardware come packed with the DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter for easy installation and mounting. 

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Power Rating

The DEWALT DXAEPI1000 power inverter has the capacity to provide 1000 Watt of practical household power. With this power rating, you can power up many small devices and appliances. A 1000 Watt power inverter should be capable of providing power to devices like laptops, TV sets, tablets, coffee makers, toasters, iron machines, etc. 

The DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter can provide 1000 watts of continuous power to many low-load devices perfectly. This power rating is suited to power or charge various tools or accessories on the job site. You can also put your trust in this device while being on campaigns or road trips.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The DEWALT DXAEPI1000 is a modified sine wave inverter that means this inverter may not be able to power complex electronics. Modified sine wave inverters can be used in simple systems with any sensitive equipment. Some delicate electronics like AC motors, laser printers, or medical equipment can not be run with the DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter. 

However, you will be able to run simple appliances such as a water pump, phone charger, or even a microwave. But keep in mind that on a modified sine wave inverter, devices like refrigerators and microwaves may not run enough efficiently to satisfy you.

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LCD Display

We want to let you know that the DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter features an LCD display. With this LCD screen, you will be able to know the real-time status of your inverter. This screen shows the battery’s real-time condition along with battery level. You will also be able to know about the power consumption of your system. The most useful part of this feature is, it lets you keep a close eye on the fault issues. So any power issue happens and you get to know instantly. 

Easy Mounting And Installation 

Made with slim aluminum housing and integrated grommets, the DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter is very easy to mount and install. Moreover, necessary battery connectors and mounting hardware come packed with the kit.

You will be amazed to know that this inverter comes with dual 120 volt AC outlets and three USB charging ports (3.1 Amp). Where most of the competitors in the market provide one or two USB ports, this inverter offers three. That means you can charge multiple devices at the same time using the DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter. 

Built-in Safety Protections

To protect against damage for any of your devices, DeWalt has added various protection features. And they are Low Battery Shutdown, Low Voltage Audible Alarm, Overload Protection, and Short Circuit Protection. These features protect your inverter from damage and also protect the devices being plugged into it.

Warranty And Services

The DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter is backed up by DeWalt’s 1-year limited warranty. DeWalt also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and provides free customer service for 1 year.

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  • Dual 120 volt AC outlets and 3, 3.1 Amp USB ports
  • Built-in safety protection features
  • LCD display
  • Slim aluminum housing
  • Universal fit type
  • Simple mounting and installation
  • Generated 1000 watts of continuous power
  • Modified sine wave inverter
  • No 12V DC accessory adapter included
  • Short connection cables


Power Inverter Specialty

The DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter is a very high-quality power inverter with a continuous power supply of 1000 Watt. My personal favorite feature of this inverter is the LCD screen which is not very common to see in every inverter. Moreover, this inverter comes with multiple forms of protection to prevent power issues like short-circuiting, overcharging, and overloads. With two AC outlets and three USB ports of this inverter, you can have a variety of different devices running at the same time.

Final Words

Most of you reading this article on the DeWalt Power Inverter 1000W Review has already got a detailed description of the DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter. In this buying guide, we have mentioned all the advantages and disadvantages of this inverter. With 1000 Watt of continuous power, LCD display, multiple AC outlets, and USB ports, this inverter is definitely one of the best power inverters that you can find in 2021.

I would simply say the DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter is an excellent product for its price. The only major downside of this product is it is a modified sine wave inverter. You should probably look for a pure sine wave power inverter if you are willing to use more sensitive devices.

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FAQ For DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter

  • Question: How do you charge the inverter?

Answer: The DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter needs continuous 120V AC power to function. There is no battery and you do not need to charge it.

  • Question: Will this run a 120v (350w) shop vac?

Answer: Yes, it will. The DEWALT 1000-Watt Power Inverter can provide 1000 Watt of continuous power. So, a 350 Watt shop vac can be run by this. 

  • Question: Will a 1000 Watt inverter run a refrigerator?

Answer: If your refrigerator does not surpass the 1000 Watt inverter’s peak and running draw limits, a 1000 Watt should be able to run it.

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