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Features like advanced PowerRush technology, motor-driven equipment, and more than 50% starting capacity, the Generac GP3500iO is one of the most futuristic open frame inverters available in the market. These features enable the machine to perform more with fewer essentials.

In case you are thinking about camping or powering your RV tools, then this quiet and light portable inverter might be the solution. So, we’ve tried to experiment with different outcomes testing the inverter in tough conditions. I hope these Generac GP3500iO reviews help you to decide what’s best for you.

Generac GP3500io Review In Details

Generac GP3500iO is a compact package; the overall scenario of the inverter has been reflected below

A generic Brand engine has been used here.

  • PowerDial option which simply integrates start/run/stop functions.
  • The inverter is 25% lighter, which makes the inverter significantly portable.
  • TurePower introduces clean power, which is a must for devices that get damaged easily.
  • The noise has been reduced to 50%, which helps to create a silent workplace.
  • The amount of electrical current can be increased upon the demand of the situations.
  • Automatic idle control.


Generac GP3500iO Reviews

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Specifications of Generac GP3500iO Generator

Technicalities and components of the Generac GP3500iO are the followings

  • A generic 212 cc engine is used here.
  • The Fuel tank can hold up to 2.37 Gallons.
  • Mainly gasoline is used for the inverter.
  • The height of the open frame inverter is 16.4 inches.
  • 4 outlets are available from the inverter.
  • The running watt range of the inverter is up to 3000 watts.
  • The start method used in the inverter is Pull start.
  • The starting watts for the inverter are 3500 watts.
  • It is an inverter-type alternator.
  • The inverter weighs about 74.3 lbs.
  • The included wheel kit is 16.5 inches wide.


  1. The inverter is very lightweight.
  2. Incredibly longer running ability that can cover bigger projects.
  3. The capacity of the open frame inverter is high.
  4. Various outlets are available
  5. The machine is a value for money
  6. Generac GP3500iO is covered under a three-year warranty.


  1. The kits used in the inverter are parallel in nature, that’s a kind of drawback
  2. The inverter comes in a garish color that’s not very aesthetic.

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What Makes Generac gp3500iO Unique?

Powerful Engine

We’ve tested the Generac GP350Generac gp3500iO with tools0iO on AC and a microwave simultaneously, and it was using over 2000 watts. So, the results show that there are still more than 1000 spare watts available for other purposes. We could’ve easily attached a refrigerator.

Therefore, the power provided here should be more than enough for all types of purposes other than industrial work. Even curlers, blowers are easily manageable. The Generac GP3500iO manual shows the varieties of devices that are compatible with the watts standard. The invertor is usable for BBQ and even table saws.

Consistent Performance

With the powerful 212 ccs Generac OHV 4 stroke, the gasoline engine can output 120V. The peak wattage available is 3500W, and with a running wattage of 3000W, it performs consistently. You can easily set it up with another second unit for more power combined, thanks to the generator’s parallel capability. The mechanism of starting used here is the conventional pull-start system along with Powerdial and easy hands-on experience.

The fuel capacity impacts the generator as the Generac gp3500io can operate for 11 hours with a full tank.
Electronics that are infirm can be plugged into the AC outlets. To handle AC outlets carefully, there are integrated harmonic systems available.

Quiet Workplace

working time with Generac gp3500iOWhat comes with more power? Obviously, more performance, but with a higher performance power generator, the noises even go higher. But in the case of this model of Generac inverter, the noise has been significantly reduced. While comparing with the Honda EU3000IS, generic found that it’s 40% quieter than the latter. We tried the experiment ourselves and found that the noise reduction process is much better than Ryobi 2300.

You can easily set this generator up at parties where you do not want your guests to be overwhelmed by the generator’s noise. The portability and lesser noise are adamant for BBQ parties.

The mechanism is quite simple advanced inverter technology with the covered environment producing an ultra noise-free performance. The generator also comes with an economy mode switch. The economy is a great option to save fuel and keep the generator running for a longer period.

Easy Portability

The sleek and lightweight design is what makes the generator super portable. With dimensions of L19.3 x W16.9 x H16.4 and one frame design, one can easily raise the generator above the ground. Also, in rough environments, the device performs comparably well.

For having the open frame design, one can easily grab the frame and shift the generator. The whole package weighs about 74.3 lbs, which enables it to use anywhere you like.

Various Outlets

3 AC outlets have been introduced in the control panel. One is Duplex 120v 20A(5-20). Other is 120V 30A (TT-30R) receptacle. Along with these two outputs, there are another two other DC outlets. These two 5V USB ports are for charging electronics like laptops or phones.

If you are thinking of using the generator in your RV, it is the perfect one ready out of the box with its TT-30R receptacle.

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Final Word

Being an American-based generator manufacturer, Generac focuses on power types of equipment and parallel systems. A powerful 212 cc engine, maneuverable design, and various outlets’ options make it a compact package. For multifunctional purposes, this is one of the best available in the market nowadays.

The status of the generator is shown on the indicator lights, giving a wide, user-friendly environment. Therefore, above from the Generac gp3500io reviews, it performs significantly better than other 2500-3500W range generators in this price category.

It’s a strong contender with various compatibility and consistent performance. I hope these reviews help to decide what is the best suitable generator according to your needs.

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