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Coolers are the only thing that is produced by Igloo nowadays. Coolers of different designs and spectrums are available in their wide range of collections. Iceless 28 model is their unique one. For those who are looking for an iceless unique cooler, this Igloo iceless 28 review might help you choose the best one for you.

Igloo Iceless Portable Electric Cooler 28-qt Review In Details

Specifications of Igloo iceless 28

  • Brand: Igloo
  • Dimensions: 12.87 x 16.65 x 18.23 in
  • Materials: Metallic-Fiber
  • Capacity: 26 Liter
  • Weight: 4540 G

Igloo iceless 28 review

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This Igloo 28 iceless model is one of the most unique models from the manufacturer. If you are a person who travels a lot and likes to carry food and drink with you, then this cooler might be a great choice for you. You can power it by your car or any wall output. 

Considering the duration, it can keep things fresh is longer than standard coolers. If you have the cooler attached to any electrical supply then you have unlimited cooling time. 

Features of Igloo Iceless Portable Electric Cooler 28-qt

Some of the main features of this cooler will be discussed in this portion of our Igloo iceless 28 reviews. 

Method of Insulation

As we all know there are some exceptions in every system, this rule applies to coolers as well. The insulated walls of the cooler try to prevent the change of temperature inside the cooler. Almost all the components of the cooler are made in such a formula. They uphold the second law of thermodynamics. 

Keeping these aside the igloo iceless 28 can easily cool food and drink along with the ability to cool air and other things around it. This transcends the rule of physics. You cannot take your refrigerator wherever you go, but you can easily carry it around your portable cooler. 

Also, the electronic mechanism used in the lids of the cooler helps to keep the things inside the cooler at around 35 degrees F. The rating is almost the same based on many user reviews given on it. 

Cooling System
The system used in this cooler is mainly thermoelectric. Unlike your refrigerator or a normal compressor cooler, this is quite different. 

How the thermoelectric colling system works is a matter of question. But easily speaking the cooler mainly depends on a small element, that is a thermoelectric plate. Which is a very small component around the size of a matchbox. This component helps in transferring heat from the inside of the cooler to the outside.

At a specific point, the cooler reaches its level while cooling your food and drinks. Slightly below the ambient temperature is the reach of these portable cooling systems. As usually expected. 

Easy To Use

A small and useful cooler is the igloo iceless 28. The internal space of this cooler is dedicated to store food and drink there are no other space-taking options. Where traditional insulators take a large amount of space for ice.

You’ll notice a very little amount of melting water while using this cooler. As in normal coolers, the ice melts and penetrates through the packaging of your food right at the bottom of your cooler. But in this cooler, no such hassle exists. 

As the cooling mechanism is different melting is not an issue, but in some situations, the food stored inside the cooler can get condensed. 


In case of durability, the Iceless 28 is above the standard user limit. Both the hardware and the overall construction of this cooler is in such a balance that it easily handles regular wear and tear. 

If you use a cooler for a long time the hinges and handles of the cooler lose their shape. This cooler is not out of that probability of losing its perfection in the mechanism. Other than that, there is no issue with the thermoelectric cooling system of the Igloo iceless 28. 


The universal power for portable coolers is 12V DC. Here is no difference in this cooler. If you have a portable generator you can connect the power cord to it, or into your car’s cigarette lighter. 

While using this cooler you have to be careful about draining your battery. Before plugging this cooler try to start the engine of your car and keep the engine running for 2-5 minutes. If the engine of your car stops then unplug the cooler within 2 hours or it will generate power from your car’s battery and ultimately your car battery will drain.

Igloo iceless 28 review


Even if you fill the cooler with food and drink, you can easily carry the cooler around. With only single-handed operation the cooler is transportable. The contoured shape of the box helps it to carry. If you get along with the cords of the cooler then you will have no issue using it as you like. 


The compact size of the thermoelectric cooler is the most predicted thing and most featuring advantage. You can use almost all the space inside the cooler as there is no hassle of adding ice to your cooler. This is the most unique part about this cooler in this whole Igloo iceless 28 reviews.

The overall weight of the cooler is around 10 lbs but it can easily hold 28 quarts of food inside it, which is more than normal similar-sized coolers. 

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One thing is sure about this cooler is that it’s not a cheap one. Considering the size of this cooler the price is a bit on the higher side. In normal coolers where the place will easily be filled with ices, this cooler offers more space than them. 

One way this cooler saves a lot of money, that you don’t have to spend money on buying ice for this cooler. Other coolers require ice every 2-3 days, while you can easily stay clear of that thought. If you are a traveler and like to go on a long trip in your car then this cooler can be a good travel companion for you. 


This cooler has always been our top pick regarding the portable cooler. The combination of technology and efficiency is the core point of this cooler. If you keep it near a power source it will give the most. Hope our Igloo iceless 28 review was helpful for you.

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