Nowadays having a high-performing and affordable car jump-starter is a must for users. A jump-starter can help in improving your car’s overall performance and functionality without worrying about a dead engine. In this Noco GB40 review, we’ll try to provide insights about this very product.

A powerful battery booster that can work on different fueled engines and also has multiple USB functionality is a decent choice for people who are looking for a versatile jump-starter that also has power and stability.

Who Use a Jump-Starter?

If you have ever been in such a situation where your vehicle’s battery is dead and no matter how much you try you cannot start the engine, then you know the answer. You ask for car services and have to wait for hours for their arrival or simply ask any passerby to help, the situation is frustrating and embarrassing.

But a jump starter can get rid of all these problems for you once and for all. This Noco GB40 the review has tried to bring the jump starter for you.

NOCO Boost Pulse GB40 Review In Details

NOCO jump starter is 8 times smaller and lighter than normal heavier and bulky jumper units. This lithium-ion device is rugged and performs seamlessly for 12V batteries.

With facilities like reverse polarity protection and spark-proof collection makes the starter safe for batteries. It can jump-start a dead battery in seconds.

While serving as a quality battery booster the jumper can also double your power source by recharging USB devices. Also, in case of a shutdown, the mode automatically changes from SOS to an emergency.


  • 3.2 x 1.7 x 6.7 inches dimensions
  • 2.4 pounds of weight
  • Compatible with engines up to 6-liter gasoline and up to 3-liter diesel
  • Works for 12V car batteries
  • With a full charge can jump start a car 20 times
  • Full charge within 3 hours with 2.1 Amp outlet
  • USB recharge option
  • A LED light with 1000-lumen
  • Usable in all climates from -20-degree F. to 140 degrees thanks to the lithium-technology
  • Phones, tablets & other accessories can be charged by USB

Noco gb40 review

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Portable Design

As the device is from the Genius boost collection, it’s made smaller to fulfill certain needs. The length of the device is 6.6 inches, width is 3.2 inches and height is 1.7 inches. Therefore, the device is easily storable in the toolbox of your car or glove compartment, or trunk.

Being a compact starter all the buttons, ports of the starter hold to the body perfectly. Users can get a premium feel while using this jump-starter.

Great Performance

To bring back life to dead batteries the power is of the starter is a vital requirement. In that case, Noco GB 40 doesn’t fall behind.

With the power of 1000 Amps and 7000 joules, the starter provides enough power to operate. If you charge the jump starter only once it can jump-start up to 20 vehicles regarding they have 12V lead-acid batteries in them.

With various inbuilt safety protections, the cables of the starter are also durable and provide great performance for a long period. No issues with the heating and melting of the cables are noticed over time.

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Ease of Charging

The charging system of the Noco GB 40 is quite simple according to the manuals. Different options are available to charge the device. You can either charge it with a simple USB cable or you can use any 12V car charger.

Therefore, with the ease of the charging facility, you can get a high-performing jump-starter in the time of your need.

Versatile Starter

The jump starter can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it in boats, UTVs, ATVs, or campers. The option to start different motor-powered engines with one starter is a great one. Another plus point about this great starter is that it is capable to power both diesel- and gas-powered engines without any hassle.

Quick performer

Noco GB40 can bring back car battery life instantly with a high-powered kick. This adds to the availability to charge your car battery in seconds. Only within 3 to 5 seconds after connecting the jump-starter to your battery it will start working.

Led Flashlighttechnology of noco boost plus gb40

Other than charging your car battery or other appliances the Noco GB40 also has a LED flashlight. You get 7 different modes with the flashlight. Features like SOS and emergency strobe make the car jump-starter unique.

The LED has an output of 100 lumens. You can get robust night vision using this device. In case your vehicle is disabled and needs fixing, you can keep the LED on as a sign to others.

No compromise in the case of power packaging of the device with 12V capacity. Whether you are stranded in the dark or you need to just power your battery, the device can do both.

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Safety Features

As a high-performing device, it’s necessary to have a mechanism that is safety enhanced. It can easily curb any unwanted power outrage of the battery. The designers of the starter have given quite an emphasis on the harmless experience of the user. The types of safety features are discussed in this portion of the Noco gb40 review.

Two kinds of safety protections are available with this starter. Reverse polarity protection, that is if you connect any reverse polar source to the starter will deny it and you’ll be safe from damaging your device.

Another method is the spark-proof system. That stops any sparking of the battery. Therefore, the risks of getting the battery on fire and damaging your car are less if you use this starter. Noco GB40 can also detect if there are any connection errors in the system. Therefore, informs the user before using it on vehicles.

The cables of the starter are flexible and manufactured with durable materials. Without worrying much about overheating the cable or melting it, you can have a focus on using the device to get optimum power for your vehicle.

Phones and Other rechargeable devicesnoco jump starter USB

The 12V 1000 Amp starter is not only efficient for working on the batteries of vehicles, but you can also charge other accessories and devices on the go.

Any device that supports a USB port can be charged by the 2.1A USB out port. You can easily charge your laptops, GPS, and smartphones while you are in the vehicle if your device runs out of charge. The starter not only charges USB devices but you can also charge the starter with USB chargers.

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter
Pros & Cons
9.4/10 Our Score
  • A super bright LED flashlight with 100 lumens along with strobe lights that have 7 modes built especially for emergencies.
  • Built-in 2.1A output to charge different devices
  • Very portable with a weight of around 2.69 pounds
  • Clear indicators and instructs regarding battery health
  • Competitive price points
  • Build with high-quality materials to ensure durability
  • The starter has only 5V ports therefore it has limitations regarding charging
  • No wall charger is included with the package
  • Not capable to start V8 engines therefore only capable of starting 12V lead-acid batteries


Reasons to Buy Noco GB40

Why buying this particular Noco stater will not be such a bad option for you has been discussed in this portion of the Noco GB40 review.

Affordable price

To buy this jump starter you don’t have to break the bank. The price tag of the device is affordable. With the multifunctionality and USB options, the overall price of the device is consideringly cost-effective.

Hassle-free Installation

No need for hiring an expert to fix your device for you or to uninstall the device from your battery. You just need to plug the connections to your car battery and you can get results. If case you are afraid of connecting the plugs or clamps the wrong way, no need to worry because the reverse polar mechanism and the shock-proof system save you from any kind of damage.

All-weather Round Usability

The performance of the starter does not vary in different climate conditions. It always provides optimum level performance. Whether in extreme hot and cold conditions or not the performance of the device does not drop.

Therefore, around any corner of the world where the definition of normal is different, this car jump starter is capable to cope with it.

Durable Battery Clamps

Clamps used in this jump starter are long-lasting and they can reach out 23 inches that can easily reach the posts of your battery. Along with the car power output ranges the temperature resilient silicone wire can flex accordingly to adjust the situations. So, in hot summer periods, extreme heat will not affect the jump starter.


This portion of the Noco gb40 review discusses the methods to maintain and get optimum performance from your starter.


When you are not using the device always try to store it in a convenient location that is dry and cool. Keep it away from moisture though it is moisture resistant.

Ensure Proper Connections

A manual book is provided within the package of the device, be sure to collect it from the provider. All the details related to the connections of the device are described there. The way to maintain and get optimum performance out of the device is in the pictures in this manual.







FAQ’s Regarding Noco GB40 Review

How does the Noco GB40 Jump starter work

When all the connections of the jump-starter are completed and turning off the power loads, just press the Power Button of the jump starter to get started. The properly functioning LED lights will flash after that.

A power connection to the battery will be indicated by the white boost LED. The red error LED will flash if you connect reverse connections to the battery. Then just reversing the connections again will fix this problem and the device will be ready for jump-starting.

After making sure that all the necessary connections are made and yet the vehicle is not starting, that means you’ll have to wait for 30 seconds before it starts. Once the vehicle starts remove the clamps from the battery of your vehicle.

Where can I buy a Noco gb40 car jump starter?

You can get a trustworthy and original high-performing Noco GB40 jump starter from any legalized Noco shop outlet or online. Always try to ensure the quality and legitimacy of your product for smooth performance on your 12V batteries.

What are the features to look out for when buying a great jump starter?

Some of the main features that a buyer should look into before buying a jump starter are:-

  • The versatility of the jump-starter
  • Ability to charge other necessary accessories and gadgets like phones, tablets, etc.
  • Solid maintenance system
  • Overheating and melting proof cable
  • Ability to work on both gas and diesel engines

What is the duration of holding power?

For the first year, the device can hold up to 70% of its destined power. To get optimum performance in holding charge of your device half yearly or once a year.

How to recharge the Noco gb40 device?

The Noco GB40 can be charged via a USB cable. Any device that supports recharging other devices is capable of charging it. You can use your laptop, car charger, or other USB charging source.

Let’s see a video review of Noco GB40 


Noco Gb40 car jump starter is such a device that every car owner can own and get acquainted with. Various usability of the device like charging smartphones, gadgets, and jump-start cars make the device unique. By buying this jump starter, you’ll set yourself ahead of other car owners with high versatility and enhanced safety of your assets.

We hope that this Noco GB40 review was helpful enough for you to have a thorough idea about this jump starter and choose which is the best suitable starter for you. Therefore, we value your decision in purchasing the Noco GB40 device for your vehicle battery.

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