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Through our optima d34m review we’ll try to point out the deciding facts about the battery and whether it’s a perfect choice for you or not.

We know that Optima batteries are known for their versatility. The 8016-103 D34M model battery from Optima is no different. Thanks to the dual-purpose battery, you can use it for deep cycle operations as well as starting. Also, they are compatible to use in both boats and RVs. Unique “Spiral cell” technology is what makes the optima blue top marine battery unique. This technology enables it to recharge faster. This Optima absorbent glass mat battery is completely harmless and eco-friendly.



Specification optima 8016- 103 D34M batteryOptima d34m battery

  • 10 x 6.88 x 7.8 inches dimensions
  • Weighs about 43.5 pounds
  • Voltage 12V
  • 750 cold cranking Amps
  • Dual SAE
  • 55 Ah C20 capacity
  • 5/16 steel stud posts
  • 870A cranking amps
  • 120 minutes long reserve capacity

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Salient features of the optima d34m

This portion of our optima d34m review discusses the key features of the optima 8016- 103 D34M battery.

SpiralCell Technology

The ‘SPIRALCELL’ technology is what makes the 12V battery powerful. With this technology, you can charge your battery faster than standard batteries. Also, you can longer run time 3 times more than RV batteries.

Within all the optima battery is a combined series of spiral-wound cells that are comprised of two lead plates inside a precise coating of lead oxide. One of the plates is positive and another is negative.

The manufacturing process of the Spiral winding is handled with more precision and control when compared to the batteries that are made with flat AGM. TO maintain a close tolerance they maintain an automated cell-winding machine. That is where the quality of these batteries comes from. Exceptional tolerances, humidity, and temperatures are continuously monitored and maintained.

Optima has been in this cell-making business since the dawn of the ’90s. They know how to build the highest quality and best performing batteries.


The optima 8016-103 D34M blue top battery is equipped with a dual-purpose facility. Operations like starting and deep cycle are the two functionalities of this battery.


The optima 8016-103 D34M is times more resistant to vibration than standard batteries. While using this battery as a deep cycle marine battery is proven to be 15 times more vibration resistant than others. Continual vibrating is harmful and permanently damages any marine battery. As the materials of the optima battery are physically rigid the plate movements can easily avoid any kind of damage in such difficult conditions.


The batteries are made in such construction which has made them spill-proof. The container holding them is unbreachable and sealed with precision. Therefore, acid cannot spill from the container. Which makes the battery environmentally safe and easily portable in case of its usage in RVs and boats.


Thanks to the spiral-cell technology this battery charges faster than any standard battery available nowadays. The self-discharge rate of the optima 8016-103 D34M Blue is also very low. Where other marine batteries lose their charge if they remain unused

for a certain period. Therefore, you can use this battery after a long time though it might have been idle the whole time. That does not hamper the recharging rate.


You will hardly have to do any maintenance on this battery. The sealed case design is made in such a way that there is no need for you to add water or clean.

PROSoptima RVs and Boats battery

  1. The battery is a dual-purpose one
  2. 3 times more recharge
  3. Both starting and deep cycle
  4. Excellent starting power
  5. 120 minutes of reserve capacity
  6. Durable and zero spills design
  7. Vibration resistant
  8. Friendly to environment


  1. The battery is heavy
  2. The packaging and shipping is average

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This portion of our optima 8016-103 D34M points out the presumptive measures to ensure the safety of the battery.

  • Try not to overcharge the battery, that might reduce its life
  • Always try to charge the battery fully
  • If you find any heating issue while charging disconnect it immediately
  • The water in the sealed battery should never be replaced

Things to know before buying Optima d34m

In this portion of our optima d34m review, we’ll try to bring about the features buyers should be aware of before buying the battery.

Using as a car’s battery

If your car’s battery is dead and the only battery around is your marine battery then you can use the optima 8016-103 D34M as it has a dual facility but you might not get the expected results.

The optima 8016-103 D34M might not fit into your car if it is anything other than an AGM battery. AGM batteries are comparably lighter than other batteries. The dual-purpose battery’s CCA value might not be compatible with your car. But in case of an emergency, you can take a shot. But that might put the performance of your car at risk. If the car starts consider yourself lucky enough. Though the chances are very low. Though it can generate power for your RV thanks to the dual-purpose battery.

Using in bigger boats

While using in bigger boats the optima 8016-103 D34M blue top may not perform as great as it does in normal boats. In normal boats the performance e of this battery is top-notch. But in bigger boats, we recommend using two separate batteries while one does the starting and another deep cycling.Optima Logo

Though most people are not looking for a battery to fix in their bigger boats it”s a decent choice for a fishing boat or casual boats for trips and other purposes. This battery can handle these tasks with ease.

Optima Blue Top D34M vs Exide FP-AGM24DP |Video Review!


In case you love to spend time on the water or like to go on fishing trips at intervals. Then it’s important to equip your boat with a battery that is reliable and powerful. Which can overcome any challenges.

The optima 8016-103 D34M is a performer that will fulfill your expectations. With flexible usability with a sure start, strong-cranking, and zero maintenance option this is surely a strong contender in this price range. During the lifetime of this battery, you will spend less time worrying about it.

Hope our optima d34m review was helpful enough for you to decide where this battery is the best suitable one for you or not.

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