Optima digital 400 review | is it best for car?

The purpose of using a Battery charger is straightforward. Just hook it up to your battery and charge. But what if a charger can check the health of your battery and can help you increase the health of your battery. Today we’ll talk about such a battery from optima in our Optima digital 400 review.

Optima Digital 400 Maintainer and Battery Charger
  • Automatically maximizes battery life and performance with a built-in battery health mode
  • Hybrid LED battery charging gauge with LCD display
  • Dual purpose hook and tilt stand design or hang it with the included wall organizer bracket
  • Works well as a marine battery charger, motorcycle battery charger, or other AGM battery charger.

Optima 150-40000 performance maintainer and battery charger offer a little bit more than standard chargers. This charger takes extra care of your battery featuring the next level of maintenance. It simply keeps your battery at peak performance and keeps ready to start at any time.

Optima digital 400 review in detail

The main task of the Optima Digital 400 12V performance maintainer and battery is to maximize the output of the battery and increase its life. Another vital feature of this charger is that it can recover deeply discharged batteries.

Optima 400 charger offers a LED charging gauge along with an LCD screen and a quick battery type selection for comfortable operation. It also has multiple clip functionality to connect any battery and charge it.


  • 8.2 x 3.7 x 7.4 inches dimensions
  • Weighs about 1.6 ounces
  • Brushed exterior
  • Maximizes battery life and performance
  • Hybrid LED charging gauge with an LCD
  • Hook and Tilt design along with wall organizer bracket
  • Usable as a marine, motorcycle, or other AGM battery charger
  • Spark-free connection
  • Comes with Alligator clips, charger, and ring

Optima Digital 400 Maintainer and Battery Charger

The unique features of the battery have been described in this portion of the Optima digital 400 reviews.

Charging Technology

The multi-stage charging system makes the Optima digital charger not only charge but also an expert in maintaining and conditioning as well. Having a 12V voltage does not mean all the batteries must have the same outputs. They differ in many ways.

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Lead-acid batteries which are used to start a car have a different current handling system than those of deep-cycle and AGM batteries. Therefore, using the same old charger for every battery might not be the best thing for you.

Within the Optima digital 400 chargers are a microprocessor and software to monitor various battery conditions, that help to provide the right amount of charge that is needed to provide the optimal performance of the battery. Overcharging precautions also function through this system. Which is the best part about this battery in this Optima digital 400 review.

Automatic Modes

  • First stage: Checking the battery for the level of charge and the quality between connections before charging
  • Second stage: For deeply discharged batteries soft-ramp charging amperage
  • Third stage: For moderately discharger batteries fast charge bulk mode. 
  • Fourth stage: A complete charge mode to condition a battery
  • Fifth stage: Float mode and auto maintenance to keep the battery fully charged
  • Sixth stage: Recondition mode for 30 days of storage. While your battery stays in storage this mode keeps it in good condition

Power OutputOPTIMA DIGITAL 400 review

  • The maximum output you can get from an Optima digital 400 charger and maintainer is 4 Ampere. This might not provide great performance but it has its benefits of being of compact size and portable. If you want to use this charger for jump starters then it will come of no help.
  • But in cases of charging your boat or UTV on-the-go, this charger is of great use. As the charger can easily fit in a toolbox you can save space and take it anywhere you want. That saves a lot of space. 
  • Though the Optima Digital 400 might lose a big time in case of power but in case of easy usability and ease of operating this charger is one of the best options in its price range.
  • The charger is a value for money. The price you are going to pay for these charges is worth every penny. No other charger offers this many features like automation and others.  As the charger costs less than $100 and the increase of battery performance over the years it ultimately saves more than cost.

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Ease of Operating

Though the using method of this charger is mainly typical yet there are some variations that we have summarized in this portion of the Optima digital 400 reviews.

  • The hookup sequence of the battery clamps should be connected first
  • After connecting the clamps connect the power cord to any 120V outlet source. Then from the screen, you can select the type of battery you are going to charge. Whether it’s AGM, deep cycle, or Motorcycle battery
  • As soon as you select the charger then automatically selects the correct stage for charging your battery. 
  • IF your battery is full then the charger will automatically turn on conditioning mode.


  • The charger is powerful enough to recover any battery
  • Optimizes and maintains battery automatically
  • Seamlessly performs in cars, boats, motorcycles, or any other AGM batteries
  • The LCD shows all the necessary information regarding the battery
  • The price tag of the charger is high
  • No mention of water resistance, dustproof facilities
  • There could have been two more leads to charge multiple batteries regarding the power of the battery

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Why Choose the Optima Charger?

While there are many chargers out in the market that costs less than this Optima charger yet this charger should be considered as a good deal. Because it can also be useful in your trolling motor. 

These chargers are designed for dual purposes, which means it not only charges your battery to the fullest capacity but can also maintain and monitor like a trickle charger.  

With this charger in the bag, you need not worry about overcharging your battery. This charger will stop charging once your battery is full. 

Therefore, this charger not only saves your battery but also saves your wallet as well. To get the optimal performance out of your battery you just simply have to pay a little more.  


The decision regarding buying this charger is pretty straightforward. A compact battery charger with unique features at a reasonable price the Optima 400 battery charger is a thing for collection. 

Therefore we hope that our Optima digital 400 review was helpful enough for you to choose the best battery charger for you.

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