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To prevent battery damage every solar power system requires a regulation. All kinds of users from bunker builders to eco-conscious homeowners need battery regulation if the solar panel is larger than a small trickle. So, a necessity for the solar charge controller comes in. Therefore, in this Renogy rover 40 amp review we’ll try to discuss this Renogy MPPT solar charge controller and why should you buy it?

Renogy Rover 40 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller Battery Regulator
  • Automatically detect 12V or 24V DC system voltages Innovative MPPT technology with high tracking efficiency up to 99% and peak Conversion efficiency of 98%
  • Die-cast aluminum design for heat dissipation and The capability of measuring the battery’s temperature and remote monitoring Customizable charging voltages
  • Charges over-discharged lithium-ion batteries Error code detection for easy self diagnoses

Why Use a Solar Controller

The charging rate of the battery is controlled by a solar charge controller. In any solar installation, it is a necessary part. Any kind of overcharging and power surges are curbed by this controller.

Solar panels have this common issue that they don’t deliver the voltage they were supposed to deliver. Such as a 12V solar panel produces more volts than it is ought to deliver.

Many panels keep the extra voltage as a reserve facility. If the sun is out, they will store extra voltage for situations like those when the sun disappears for a long time and no voltage can be provided from the solar panel.

A 12V battery cannot be charged at 12V only. A few more amounts of voltage are required to charge the battery properly. Because the current capacity of the battery controls the requirement.

A charge controller simply controls the current that follows from the solar panel to the battery cells. By regulating the discharging of the battery, also protects the system.

Renogy Rover 40 AMP Review In Details

Renogy rover PG 40amp is an intelligent controller. Protective functions like reverse polarity, short-circuit, overheating, are built-in to this MPPT controller. If there is any malfunction within the system then the device can self-diagnose the problem. The shell is durable enough to protect against normal wear and tear. Heat dissipation is also available with an aluminum heat sink.

The device can also be used with multiple batteries, it can work in 12V/24V systems, and on both GEL and Lithium batteries.

Specifications of Renogy Rover 40 Amp Solar Charge ControllerRenogy Rover 40 Amp Solar Charge Controller

  • 9.37 x 6.81 x 2.85 inches dimensions
  • 4.41 lb. weight
  • Battery current: 40A
  • Rated Load Current: 20A
  • Pv input short current: 50A
  • Voltage: 32V
  • Maximum solar input: 100V DC
  • Temperature -35°C to +45°C
  • Load current: 10% to 90%
  • Maximum terminal size: 8AWG

Package Includes

  • A Gregory rover 40Amp solar charge controller
  • A remote temperature sensor

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Features Of Renogy Rover 40 Amp Solar Charge Controller

The main features of the Renogy controller have been discussed in this portion of the Renogy rover 40 amp review.

Automatic Detection

The controller can automatically detect between 12V and 24V DC systems thanks to the MPPT technology with higher tracking efficiency of around 99%. Therefore, you can easily connect the controller and find out the voltage capacity of the battery without any hassle. The conversion efficiency of the controller is also close to 98%.


Due to the die-cast aluminum design the heat dissipation system of the controller is great. It also increases the performance while measuring the temperature of the battery and in the case of remotely monitoring it. The charging voltages can also be customized by the controller. Thanks to the digital display any errors from self-diagnosis are displayed here.


Various deep cycle battery options like sealed, Gel, flooded, and lithium batteries are capable to work with this controller. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any kind of compatibility to use this controller. It’s like a universal product to use in any case.

4-stage charging

The Renogy Rover MPPT has 4 levels of battery charging. They are bulk, boost, float, and equalization that are displayed on the LCD screen showing the various charging parameters. Each of these parameters has its sector of usability. This is the part about this controller in this Renogy rover 40 amp review.

  • Bulk: In regular day-to-day use the bulk charging system is exercised. Full 100% power from the solar panel is delivered to the batteries in this method to get maximum current.
  • Constant: After reaching a threshold, the control system will stop the battery from the current flow using the MPPT system. So, there is no chance of overheating the battery. Another option is to boost the charge that can maintain the charge of the battery for 2 hours. Though you can adjust it as you want.
  • Float: The voltage of the battery is reduced by the controller. When the battery is fully charged it comes in handy. During this time, it maintains a light charge of the battery.
  • Equalization: The intentional overcharging of the battery is called equalization. Every 28 days this charging method happens. To balance the chemicals of the battery this is necessary. It extends lifespan and increases efficiency.

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The rover can communicate with the BT-1 Bluetooth module by the RS232 port which can be paired with the Renogy smartphone app. The module is a great feature of this rover. If you pair the controller to your smartphone or tablet then you can simply control the rover using your
phone or tablet.

Usable components

Some of the components that can be used with this rover controller have been highlighted in this portion of the Renogy rover 40 amp review.

Remote temperature sensor

You can measure the temperature of your battery with this sensor. A 9.8ft long cable that connects to the charge controller. You can just simply connect to the cable and put the sensor on top of the battery to get the temperature reading.

Mounting brackets

You can use mounting brackets to mount the rover charge controller on any flat surface. It comes with screws of the bracket but no screws for the surface come with the package.

Renogy DM-1 4G Data module

This module is capable to connect the controllers with a 4G monitoring app. With this app, you can monitor system parameters conveniently through any 4G network service.

  • MPP tracking facility
  • A simple display
  • Compatible with various types of batteries
  • Load control of 20A
  • Bluetooth and 4G connection
  • Temperature sensor
  • Value for money
  • The maximum amount of VOC is 100V
  • Cable terminals are smaller compared to others

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The multifunctionality and various attachment facility make this rover controller unique and a strong contender in this price category. With inbuilt safety features and 4 different charging methods, the controller keeps the health of the battery in good condition.

Therefore, we hope that our Renogy rover 40 amp review was helpful enough for you to choose the best rover controller suitable for you.

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