Retevis RT5 review: top range in low cost

Today we are here with the Retevis RT5 review. Retevis RT5 is a two-way radio. In this article, we will know about the features, specialty, and more things of the Retevis RT5 walkie-talkie. Before telling you all this, let me tell you some primary information about walkie-talkies. walkie-talkies are mainly two-way radios. A walkie-talkie is a wireless device to communicate with someone in a short-range. When you go for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, boating, and fishing, you need to communicate with your partners.

There you need a walkie-talkie. You can communicate with your partner easily and you can hear them. A walkie-talkie is different from a radio. It is a two-way radio, which means it can receive and send information. But a normal radio can not send information, it just receives. You will get some amazing features in a walkie-talkie. You will love to use a walkie-talkie. It can be like a hobby to someone. 

Retevis RT5 2 Way Radios Long Range Walkie Talkies
  • 128 groups of channels can give you more choices; choose different channels in different situations
  • Long battery life and support car charger; the 1400mAh large battery supports 8-12 hours of continuous use, which is convenient for long-term going out or working outdoors
  • Comes with a much louder speaker and original earpiece to provide you with crystal and secure communication

There are so many walkie-talkies in the market. But Retevis always produced some high-quality walkie-talkies for the users. In this article we will talk about one of the best walkie-talkies, Retevis RT5 two-way radio and we will do the Retevis RT5 review. Now let’s dive into the details of this review. 

Retevis RT5 Review in Details

If you are in search of a high-quality two-way radio to make your outdoor adventure more beautiful, then you should try the Retevis RT5 two-way radio. This is a fantastic walkie-talkie with the latest features. This will help you to communicate with your partners during camping or hiking. You can interact with your friends even in bad weather. There are so many necessary features in this walkie-talkie. Before talking about them, let’s know some product information about Retevis RT5.

This product is manufactured by Retevis. The product dimensions are 22.83 x 10.24 x 40.55 inches. The weight of this walkie-talkie is just 240 Grams. So you can carry it easily. The frequency range of this walkie-talkie is 400-480 MHz. This comes with an LCD. You need 2 lithium-ion batteries to use this two-way radio. The battery life is 12 hours which is fantastic. It will not be damaged in any condition like rain, storm, or anything else. The design of this walkie-talkie is so unique and meets military specifications. 

Retevis RT5 2 Way Radios Long Range Walkie Talkies

Retevis RT5 two-way radio is one of the best walkie-talkies. So do you know what makes it one of the best? The fantastic features of this walkie-talkie make it the best. Now we will talk about the vital features of this walkie-talkie.

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  • Rechargeable 

Two Lithium-ion batteries are required to open a Retevis RT5 two-way radio. The battery life of this walkie-talkie is fantastic. This is a long-time usable walkie-talkie. If you are in a camp in the jungle for 2-3 days, then the battery life will help you. The battery can serve you for 12 hours without any break. You can recharge the battery also. So we can tell that this is a vital feature. 

  • High Gain Antenna 

The high gain antenna makes it different from the other two-way radios. The communication range of this two-way radio is pretty good. The average communication range is 5-7 km. You can use this for long-distance communication. You can interact with your partners even if you are in a place covered with obstacles like buildings, trees, etc. 

  • Built-in Flashlight 

In this Retevis RT5 review the next feature is a built-in flashlight. There is a built-in flashlight on this two-way radio. This is a necessary feature for sure. The built-in flashlight helps you to see your way at night. If you are in a day-night camp, this feature will be useful there.

  • LCD Display 

The display is a vital part of a walkie-talkie. There are 4 color LCDs in this walkie. It makes it easier for you to operate the walkie-talkie. You can see the display in dark conditions. 

  • Channels 

There is an amazing collection of Retevis RT5 programming channels. There are 128 channels on this walkie-talkie. Each of them has 155 privacy codes. So it makes a combination of 19840 channel options for you. You can find your favorite channel so easily if it is available. You can connect with the emergency services like fire, medical, police, etc. You can get the weather update also. 

  • Keypad Lock 

The keypad lock is a useful feature of this Retevis RT5 two-way radio. When you do the Retevis RT5 programming, nobody can change the setting if you lock the keypad. So to prevent unwanted changes in the settings, you should lock the keypad. 

  • Clear Audio

Retevis RT5 comes with high-quality audio. Suppose you are in a construction area. There you can not hear the sound. But using Retevis RT5 you can hear clearly. It provides you with clear audio and a louder speaker. So you can be connected to your partner. 

Pros & Cons 

  • LCD
  • Keypad lock
  • Built-in flashlight
  • 128 channels
  • 12 hours battery life
  • Long-range
  • Clear audio
  • Louder speaker
  • Rechargeable
  • Expensive
  • Not waterproof

Inside The Package

You need some accessories to program a walkie-talkie. You will get everything you need inside the package of Retevis RT5 two-way radio. You can program the walkie-talkie using these things. You can follow the Retevis RT5 manual. Now let’s see what we get inside the package.

  • Retevis RT5 two-way radio (2)
  • Lithium-ion battery (2)
  • Antenna (2)
  • Desktop charger (2)
  • AC/DC adapter (2)
  • Belt clip (2)
  • Hand strip (2)
  • Original headset (2)
  • Retevis RT5 manual (2)

This Product Specialty

Retevis RT5 is one of the best walkie-talkies. That’s why we are here with this Retevis RT5 review. So it is obvious that it has some specialties. The specialties make it the best two-way radio. LCD is a specialty of this walkie-talkie. Because it makes it easier for the users to operate this walkie-talkie in the dark. They can see the display. The other specialty is 128 channels. It is a huge number compared to other walkie-talkies. You can find your favorite channel so easily. You can also call for emergencies. 

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Customer Review

From Retevis RT5 amazon we can see that customers are happy with this walkie-talkie. The features of this walkie-talkie are so useful. They can hear their partners clearly in any place. The communication range is fantastic. There is a built-in flashlight. The customer can see their way at night using that light. They are satisfied with the LCD also. There are so many channels on this walkie-talkie. Customers can hear their favorite channel so easily. Overall customers like this product very much.

Final Word 

At the end of the Retevis RT5 review, we will recommend you buy this walkie-talkie. This is full of the latest features. This two-way radio can make your outdoor events more adventurous. You can interact with your partners so easily because of its long communication range. When you go out camping, hiking, boating, or any other events, you need to interact with your partners continuously. Using this walkie-talkie you can do this perfectly. You can do the interaction clearly because of its clear audio and louder speaker. If you are an adventure lover and you have a decent budget then order this on amazon and go out for adventures. 


Q1. How To Set Walkie-talkie Frequency?

There are some walkie-talkies pre-programmed. If you use those, you just need to press the up and down button to find your favorite frequency. Then you have to press the PTT button to set the frequency. 

Q2. How To Use Retevis Walkie-talkie RT628?

Using Retevis RT628 walkie-talkie is easy. But if you can not do it, follow the Retevis RT628 manual. If you want to talk with someone, hold the radio 2-3 inches away from your mouth. Then press the PTT button and hold it while speaking. Then release the button after you finish speaking. 

Q3. Are Retevis and Baofeng the same?

The functions of Retevis and Baofeng are pretty similar. You can even make calls between these two walkie-talkies. But there are some differences in the features.

Q4. How Do I Use Retevis RT5?

You can use the Retevis RT5 in the same way you use other walkie-talkies. If you are a beginner you should follow the Retevis RT5 manual. The basics are press to talk and release to hear.

Q5. How Do I Reprogram My Retevis RT5?

To reprogram the Retevis RT5, first turn on the radio. Then switch it to frequency mode by pressing the orange button. Then frequency will show on the display. Then change the frequency by pressing the up and down button. Then when you find your favorite frequency, press the confirm button.

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