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Things can become quite frustrating while trying to start your car and find that the battery has become flat. By calling the road assistant team, you can get help, but it is a matter of time. If you have a supercapacitor jump starter in your car’s trunk, you can quickly solve this issue. In this super capacitor jump starter review, we’ve tried to bring out 2 top supercapacitors jump starters.

Supercapacitor starters are different than regular jump starters. They do not require a battery. It just collects electricity from your car and uses it to jump-start the battery of your vehicle. In only a few minutes, these devices contain electricity and draw it to the supercapacitor. I hope these super capacitor jump starter reviews help you to decide the best jump starter for your car. 

Why Supercapacitors are So Popular?

Powerful and Safe

Superchargers have a high power density. Which is 50 to 60 times more than that of a car battery. So, it can easily fast-charge your battery within minutes, other than a long wait for the tow truck to arrive. 

Supercapacitors are safe because you don’t have to worry about sparking while using them. Therefore, the chances of catching fire are near zero.

Zero Maintenance

If you drain and store your supercapacitors correctly, supercapacitors don’t need maintenance. A healthy capacitor will become fully charged in only a few minutes.


You can use your supercapacitor to jump-start your car, motorbike, truck, jet ski, or boat. Petrol and diesel engines that have up to 5L capacity are suitable for this capacitor.

Top 2 Supercapacitors Jump Starters Reviews In Detail 

AUTOOL EM335 Portable Vehicle SUPERCAPACITOR Emergency Starting Power Jump Starter
ZHIGAY C-158 1000A 12-Volt Car Emergency Jump Starter
AUTOOL EM335 Portable Vehicle SUPERCAPACITOR Emergency Starting Power Jump Starter
ZHIGAY C-158 1000A 12-Volt Car Emergency Jump Starter


1. AUTOOL EM335 Portable Jump Starter Reviews

Things to know before using AUTOOL EM335 Portable Vehicle SUPERCAPACITOR:

There are no batteries in this supercapacitor. The mechanism of this thing is entirely different from ordinary batteries. You don’t need to charge this device daily through USB.

At first, you need to clamp the two end wire clips to the engine of the car. After waiting for three minutes, the device will turn on the machine. It is of great help during emergencies as it only uses a small amount of current and voltage from the engine.

AUTOOL EM335 Portable Jump Starter Reviews


  • The capacitor weighs about 2.2 pounds
  • 11.2 x 8.6 x 3.1 inches dimensions
  • No battery included Recovery of power within 1 minute
  • Low voltage charge (5V) with multiple charging methods
  • Waterproof and anti-fall protection
  • LCD
  • Short circuit and reverse electrode situation protection

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Powerful build and design

The device can be used out of the box with built-in capacitors—no need to charge it. When your car is running out of voltage, a capacitor can bring life back to it. The energy conversion rate of the supercapacitor is 5 to 10 times more than ordinary batteries. Smart power switches and power reverse protection facilities are also available in this model. The output current of the device is 12V/DC 200A. The starting rate of current is 400A, and peak wind is 1000A. You can easily use this jump starter with petrol-fueled vehicles.

AUTOOL EM335 WORKHigh Performance 

The Autool Em335 portable capacitor is compact with various features. It’s a device to use in situations of emergency. The heat dissipation system is available in this capacitor so that it can perform efficiently in all conditions. It’s suitable to work within 40°C= 80°C. You can also store the supercapacitor in both warm and cold conditions. 

No Battery

Where ordinary batteries need to charge for 3 to 5 hours, the Autool supercapacitor does not need to be set as it does not have a shower. You can use the device for an unlimited time. After running out, you can recycle.

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Safety Features

  • In cases of overload and short circuits, the device will automatically start beeping to alert the user. Therefore, the `engine` symbol will highlight on the screen. By removing the alligator clamps, the beeping of the appliance will stop.
  • If reversed electron polarity is connected, then the “Car Battery” symbol flashes on the device’s screen. This time hurried beep is a result. To stop the beeping, you can remove the alligator clamps.
  • No need to worry about getting your over-charging. If it senses any abnormal high voltage, then the “BAD BATTERY” symbol will flash on the screen. Then you can check the input voltage of your car for safety.
  • If you use your appliance at a very high temperature and intensively, then it will stop working. You can try it after some time or in a familiar environment.


In this portion of our Super capacitor jump starter reviews, we’ve tried to include essential instructions for the smooth usability of your supercapacitor.

AUTOOL EM335 Portable Vehicle SupercapacitorOperating Instructions

  • Try to use the device in cases of emergency only, where the battery of the vehicle is out of voltage
  • While connecting the device to the car battery, click the red clamp to positive and the black clamp to negative. If adequately connected, ‘charging’ will show on the device’s screen. IF it does not charge from the vehicle battery, you have to use external sources like a power bank or DC adapter. After setting the press “START,” and the vehicle shall start.

Instructions regarding the control panel

  • After a full charge, Hold “START” for 10 seconds to turn it on, repeat the same to turn it off.
  • Without any operation, the device will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

2. ZHIGAY C-158 Jump Starter Review

The most important thing a user should keep in mind before using ZHIGAY C-158 is that it only works for petrol   ≤5.0L. If you ever try to start with a diesel vehicle, the circuit board will burn. 

Important safety and operating instructions have been discussed in the manual of this device. Reserve the manual with the appliance for emergency guidelines. In our Super capacitor jump starter reviews, we’ve tried to cover all ins and outs of this product.

Super capacitor jump starter reviews


  • Weight 1.76 pounds
  • 10.63 x 6.93 x 3.15 inches dimensions
  • LED bulb
  • 1000A amperage
  • 12V voltage
  • Anti-fall damage test, Waterproof and durable
  • Multi charging method by a car battery, power bank, or DC adapter.
  • Heat dissipation system
  • Protection for short circuit and reverse polarity 

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The power of ZHIGAY C-158 is unmatched regarding car jump starters. Exceptional cranking power and duration is the critical feature of the battery with this device. With one single charge, the battery can perform numerous jumps and long-running service. Along with intelligent current control and various charging options the battery provides the most reachable outcome.

ZHIGAY C-158 Jump Starter WorkProfessional Performance

C-158 performs quite effectively and conveniently. You can easily store this capacitor in both high and low temperatures. The cable’s length is 20 inches, so users can easily reach out to vehicles’ starting poles. The clamps are of industrial material. They can quickly get through corrosion.

Robust Components

All the features of the C-158 are crafted to prove significant starting power for disabled vehicles—all components relating to the power path. The heavy-duty cable leads and durable clumps are in support of providing a smooth electric connection.

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Battery Technology

The ZHIGAY C-158 capacitor is designed for maximum power and durability. The starter hardly fails becomes dead. Consistency in cranking is the outcome of the high-density battery. This battery can be charged by a car battery or in case you can also use USB input.


  • As we all know, lead-acid batteries can be dangerous. So, users should be careful working around such vicinity.
  • Double-check the ignition switch before using the supercapacitor.
  • Never smoke or start any spark while using the capacitor device.
  • Overload and short circuit protection are available in this device. You will be notified if the “ENGINE” symbol flashes on your screen
  • When you connect reverse polarity, the appliance will alert you by flashing “BATTERY.”
  • When the appliance’s voltage capacity exceeds the standard limit, the display will show a “BAD BATTERY” signal.
  • If the appliance’s environment gets extremely hot, then the capacitor will stop working until they become familiar as a safety feature.


Super capacitor jump starter reviews  


Instructions regarding the use of the ZHIGAY C-158 capacitor have been discussed here.

Final Verdict

Jumpstarters allow us to immediately operate on our car’s dead battery and save us the hassle of not waiting by the roadside for anyone’s help. Though they are a bit expensive, and cannot operate as a power bank for your electronic devices. They come in very useful in times of need. 

On the contrary, investing in a jump starter is a wise thing to do.  Because of their long life span and performance are cost-saving. With all the safety features and digital control panel, it’s the utmost reflection of a user-friendly device. We hope our Super capacitor jump starter reviews help you decide the best jump starter suitable for you.


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