Tacklife kp120 review | Most powerful lithium jump starter

Who would’ve thought that the days would come when people will carry around jump starters in their pockets. Not a few days before when our vehicle was reluctant to start, and the battery of the car is either dead or has very low voltage. Then had to call for a car service or wait for someone to arrive to rescue me from this haphazard.

But luckily nowadays jump starters are available with tons of features. You can store them as you like. They are light and portable. Some are even batteryless. Though the size may suggest otherwise, they are packed with power.

In our Tacklife kp120 review, we’ve tried to give light to the ins and out’s of the KP120 Jump Starter from Tacklife. They have been producing one of the most delicate jump starters over the years. Hope you find out Tacklife kp120 review helpful.

Tacklife kp120 Jump Starter In Details

Specifications of Tacklife kp120

  • 6.85 x 1.77 x 0.98 inches dimensions
  • Weighs about 1.6 pounds
  • Singular Lithium-polymer battery with 12 months standby time, recycling option
  • For charging Two USB port with quick charge, one Type-C port, and one DC
  • The jump starter is compatible with engines that have a capacity of 6.0 L Diesel
    and 8.0L Gas.
  • Vehicles that have a 12V single battery are compatible
  • Starting current 300A
  • Peak Current 1200A
  • Two years out-of-the-box warranty.

Tacklife jump starter review

Salient Features Of Tacklife KP120 Peak Car Jump Starter

In this portion of our Tacklife kp120 review, we’ve tried to bring out the main features of the portable jump starter.

Powerful output and performance

This KP series uses a quad power supply which can generate more power than the triple battery supply. The peak output with this power supply is 1200A for 12V vehicles—a significant amount of performance growth, which jumps from 80 to 98 percentage.

User-friendly control

Along with the nine advanced safety technology and newest clamps, the working experience of this starter is smooth. Any safety warning is flashed upon by the indicator of the Tacklife jump starter. In case, the battery of the vehicle is dead or very low on voltage, then you can press the “BOOST” button, and the jump starter will go through extra
force at the battery to wake it up.

Upgraded charging system

A singular cable works as both the charging and discharging cable of the Tacklife jump
Tacklife KP120 Peak jump starterstarter. The general way of charging is not available because the two charging lines
have been combined. You can fully recharge your Tacklife jump starter within 3 hours
thanks to the 18W quick charge and Type-C port of the starter.
Multifunctionality of the jump starter

An included cigarette adapter can easily power various car accessories like vacuums,
car air pumps, and others, thanks to the 12-15V 10A DC output. The LED flashlight included in the starter has three light modes. They secure convenience, protection, and
safety. The lights have a lifetime of 72 hours long. Just in case your car is dead in the
middle of the woods then the starter lights can come in very handy for you.

Compact package

Along with the KP120 Jumpstarter, you get the jump starter cables, a cigarette lighter adapter, the case for protection, a USB cable, and a USB Type-C cable. Other than these a User manual is also included along with the 2-year warranty documents.

Why should you buy a Tacklife KP120 Peak jump starter?

There are many options to choose from in case of purchasing a starter. But why should you choose a Tacklife KP120 has been discussed in this portion of Tacklife jump starter reviews.

TACKLIFE KP120 1200A Peak Car Jump Starter

Easy to store

The Tacklife Kp120 peak jump starter weighs about only 1.3 pounds. Therefore, it’s straightforward to carry around and store. It can easily fit in your pockets or the accessories box of your car. If you are worried about charging it often while not using it, no need to worry. The starter can hold a charge for 6~12 months. But we recommend recharging it every three months. You can also store the jump starter in both hot and cold conditions.

On the go

No need to worry about setting up the jump starter. You connect the clamps to the car battery that is near death or has very low voltage. You usually can charge the starter with a wall charger. Just in case your battery has no electricity left, you can quickly assess your jump starter by your power bank or other USB facilities. The starter can also function as a power bank; you can promptly charge 12V auto products.

Easy troubleshooting

In case your Tacklife jump starter stops working, you can follow some easy steps and bring it back to life. If you find that after pressing the power button your KP120 is not responding, then the first thing you need to do is try to charge the starter.

Because many times the circuits of the starter are cut off when the self-protection feature triggers. Due to low voltage or overheat, the cutting of the courses occurs.

Therefore, it must recharge the starter unless the three lights are blinking if you find the surface of the starter to be hot. Then at least 10 minutes should be enough to cool it down below 55℃.

Smart power management

While charging any device with the KP120 Jumpstarter, if the starter detects that the attached device fulfills the requirement of power, then the Tacklife starter will shut down automatically. The battery life of the starter is long enough to charge iPhone 8 four times in a single charge.

Let’s see a video tutorial for Tacklife Kp120 peak jump starter

Final Word

Therefore, the question also comes to mind, if the Tacklife KP120 portable jump starter is worth the price it comes in or not? We consider the investment to be very worthwhile. In times of emergency, there is no scope for setting things up or wait for someone to arrive for help. Just in those scenarios Tacklife, a high-density jump starter might come in
handy. You connect to the battery and starter.

With its 1200 amps of peak power, any vehicle can be started with this starter. Additional features are plenty with this model of Tacklife. These are the things that make it a deal-breaker. We hope that our Tacklife kp120 review helps you to decide which is the best portable jump starter for you.



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