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The power supply unit that we are going to talk about in this Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W review is manufactured by Thermaltake. When it comes to computer parts and other computer components, Thermaltake is that one brand we can trust blindly. 

Thermaltake makes all kinds of computer components one can need during building a PC such as fans, computer cases, AIO cooling, power supplies, and more. But their most impressive product is computer power supplies. These power supplies are best known for their outstanding quality and reliability. 

The most vital internal IT hardware element of a computer is its power supply. Keeping this in mind, we must look for a power supply brand that is well-reputed and credible in every way possible. And Thermaltake is a decent brand in this way of concern. 

Thermaltake logoThermaltake has plenty of power supplies and they are divided into three series: Light Power, Smart, and Tough Power. All of the models are high-end PSUs. But in this Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W review we will try to give you some must-know information about the Thermaltake Smart 700W, 80+ RGB Power Supply. This is the latest addition to their power supply line. You are able to choose from 500W, 600W, and 700W of this same unit. We are writing this Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W review mentioning every feature and specification in a detailed form. 

Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W Power Supply Review In Details

Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W Review

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Having an impressive efficiency with 80 Plus ratings, the Smart RGB 700W is already a rising star among all the other PSUs around. This 80 Plus rating keeps your energy cost and heat production at the lowest level. It can offer more than 87 percent efficiency to keep the energy waste down. Thanks to the Active Power Factor Correction (Active PFC), the power supply gives you more efficient power factor control. This power supply is also compatible with Intel’s latest, seventh-generation, Kabylake processors to offer you the highest energy saving.

The power output of this particular unit is 700watts and this is more than enough to meet the needs of any gaming PC. This capacity is a satisfactory amount to run one or two GPUs in the system. 

The Smart RGB 700W is a single +12v rail PSU and can produce 54A. This provides your CPU and VGA with the power they demand even in extreme conditions by ensuring a stable voltage output. The ultra-quiet 120mm fan provides silent performance in low and moderate loads. The fan comes with an amazing spectrum of RGB lights to add some colors through your casing.

The Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W is made of all the high-quality components to offer you the best and reliable performance. These quality components make the power supply tolerant to power changes and promise a safer operation in all situations. Again, this power supply comes in a dimension to fit in most of your computer cases. The cooling fan has an industrial standard dimension to provide quiet operation to any average-size modern computer.

120mm Fan- Constructed With Intelligent RPM Control 

The Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W is equipped with a 120mm fan which is known to be ultra-quiet. This cooling fan comes with an excellent feature which is Intelligent RPM Control. This zero fan is super quiet and provides a whisper-silent operation. This thermally controlled fan keeps the noise down as much as possible when the PC is on. The RPM mode shuts down the fan when under less than 20% load, reducing noise production. 

LED Light Bulbs- Gives Brighter InteriorLED Light Bulbs- Gives Brighter Interior

With Thermaltake’s unique Smart RGB design, the fan installed comes with 10 LED lights. This allows you to choose from 256 colors and 15 lightning models to customize your lighting effects. You can switch between these lightning models by pressing just one button. These models include pulse red, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue, white, RGB cycle, and solid red, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue, and white. 

If you don’t want these light effects, you can turn off the RGB mode. Having a built-in memory function, the fans also save you from the hassle of finding out your preferred color every time you turn on your computer. With customizable RGB lighting, you can add colors to your whole setup making it more fancy-looking. 

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Cables- Comes Complete With Multiple Connectors

A major snag of this unit is this is a non-modular power supply. That means all the necessary cables are fixed in this one unit and you have no option to add or remove any cables during building. This makes cable management really hard to maintain and also interferes with the overall aesthetic of your casing. Furthermore, as it comes fully wired it leaves you with no option to run SLI with two graphics cards.

As this is a non-modular power supply it comes equipped with all the connectors one can need while building a gaming PC. The included connectors are 1 x 20+4 main power connector, 1 x ATX 12 V 4 + 4 PIN, 6 x SATA, 2 x 6 + 2 PCI-E, 5 x Molex, 1 X Floppy Disk Adaptor. 

Protections- Constructed With All The Necessary Protection Features

In order to protect your system from harmful power-related problems, it’s important to install a power supply unit with all the moderate protections. And Thermaltake takes this issue very seriously. They make all their PSUs constructed with all types of necessary protections such as over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and over-voltage protection.

Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W power supplyWarranty- 5 Years Warranty

The Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W Power Supply is backed up by a 5 years limited warranty. Customers can get a free repair service within the limited warranty period and the warranty period starts from the date of invoice or bill. 


  • Approvable 80 Plus efficiency
  • High amperage single +12V rail design
  • 10 LED light bulbs
  • Quiet Fan
  • Excellent built quality
  • Not very expensive
  • 5 years limited warranty

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  • Non-modular cables
  • Cannot run SLI with two graphics cards.
  • Cannot program RGB lighting

Power Supply Speciality

The Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W power supply is one of the cheaper power supply units with RGB light effects. Not only this, it provides splendid efficiency having 80 Plus certifications. The cooling fan ensures silent operation at low to medium loads giving you a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, the 10 LED light bulbs alongside 15 different lighting modes offer a mesmerizing appearance. The rest of the features this power supply has is mentioned above in the Thermaltake Smart RFB 700W review. 

Bottom Line

The Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W power supply is a good unit for its price if you are aiming to build a PC with RGB PSU. This pocket-friendly power supply comes with all the features required for a basic gaming PC build. I would recommend this unit to those looking for a decent RGB power supply without spending a fortune. But keep in mind that this unit comes in a non-modular design. 

Final Words

Using high-quality parts, Thermaltake makes some of the world-class computer components in the world. Their computer power supplies are competent and cost-effective. Compared to other power supplies in the market, their products have a nice price tag and customer reviews. And so has the Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W. We have given all the necessary information mentioning every single feature of this power supply in the Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W review. Hope our review comes useful to you. 

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