Trojan AGM Battery Review | especially for golf carts

If you are looking for deep cycle AGM batteries then you should have look at the Trojan AGM batteries. Along with reliability, they offer zero maintenance and great after-sale service. In this Trojan AGM battery review, we’ll try to discuss two top trojan AGM batteries. 

1. Trojan T31-AGM 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery

2. Trojan T27-AGM 12V 89Ah Dual Purpose Deep Cycle Battery

Two Best Trojan AGM Battery Reviews In Details

1. Trojan T31-AGM 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery Review

Specifications Of Trojan T31-AGM Battery

  • Brand: Trojan
  • Dimensions: .51 x 6.8 x 8.3 inches
  • Solar compatibility
  • Weight: 69 pounds

Trojan T31-AGM 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery Review

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Features Of Trojan T31-AGM Battery


To provide optimum performance this T31 deep-cycle absorbed glass mat battery is packed with such design elements. This technology also makes this battery maintenance-free. As there is no hassle of changing acid water for AGM batteries

To absorb the electrolyte a hindrance of glass fiber is used to isolate the positive and negative plates when it functions as a bottler. To assure contact with plate surfaces the separator is maintained under compression between plates. 

Just a thing to keep in mind that trojan also makes the trojan T-31 overdrive model which is better in terms of performance compared to this. 


To provide high power density a computer-generated grid design is provided in this Trojan battery. The life cycles of the battery are extended through the robust plates of the system. Gas emission is reduced by the low calcium grid alloy along with flame arresting. Thus, the buildup of excessive pressure is prevented.  


Trojan T-31 is low-temperature tolerant and can easily handle shock and vibration. The main thing is it has a low internal resistance to make this all happen along with higher charging efficiency.

Advanced Technology

As the brand value itself secures the performance, durability, and reliability of this battery. A mere reflection would be that, they own almost all the batteries that are used on the golf carts over America. Therefore, their research in deep cycle batteries paves ways for innovation.

Features like Maxguard T2 Advanced Design separator, Trojan grid technology, T2 technology formulation, and Alpha plus paste are the most highlighted features of this battery. They help in providing a long-running time for this battery along with zero maintenance. This is the best part about these batteries in this entire Trojan AGM battery review. 

Though compared to the Trojan SCS150 this trojan battery is a bit on the heavier side with 69 pounds. Regarding low current, this 100 Ah battery is a great performer than others. 

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2. Trojan T27-AGM 12V 89Ah Dual Purpose Deep Cycle Battery Review 

Specifications Of Trojan T27-AGM Battery

  • Brand: Trojan
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Solar devices compatible
  • Dimensions: 12 x 6.6 x 8.1 inches
  • Weight: 64 pounds
  • Battery Type: AGM
  • Amperage: 89mAh
  • Voltage: 12

Trojan T27-AGM 12V 89Ah Dual Purpose Deep Cycle Battery Review 

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Features Of Trojan T27-AGM Battery


The only true deep cycle batteries on the market are those produced by Trojan’s reliant line of US AGM batteries. Outstanding sustained performance is secured by the reliant advanced technology feature. Therefore, these batteries can provide exceptional quality and reliability during these years. 

The development of Reliant AGM with C-Max technology has been an outcome of being the leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries for more than 90 years. Thus, they are benefitting a large number of applications since then. 

Sectors like aerial work platforms, inverter, oil and gas, remote telecom, renewable energy, material handling, and recreation are covered by Trojan batteries. 


Being an AGM battery there is no chance of spillage with this battery. Thus it’s exceptionally handy in places like airports, shopping centers, educational institutions, and airports. Therefore, using this battery you’ll be able to maintain their mandate. 

Superior Manufacturing Technique

Trojan batteries are an outcome of combined research of engineering teams for more than 200 years in deep cycle batteries. The batteries are made in the USA in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Georgia. Therefore, Trojan T-27 components are premium and superior to others in terms of manufacturing technique. They have a master distributor worldwide providing technical support. This is a unique feature of trojan batteries in this Trojan AGM battery review.

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FAQs on Trojan AGM Batteries

In this portion of our Trojan AGM battery review, we’ll discuss some frequently asked questions on them.

How to maximize Trojan deep cycle battery life?

Always try to store your battery in a dry and cool place. Because if the temperature rises above room temperature then the battery life will decrease by about 50%. 

You should fully charge your batteries after use, even if you use them for a few minutes as well. If you store your battery with a low amount of charge then it might permanently damage the capacity and lifespan of your battery. If you are going to store your battery for long periods, make sure to charge them every 3 months. 

At a monthly rate of 5% to 15% lead-acid batteries tend to discharge, which hugely depends on the temperature of the storage. You should monitor the voltage of your battery considering its electrolyte to verify the full charging of the cells. Just as a reminder keep in mind that the total amps from your PV panel should be within 10 to 20% of the amp-hours of the whole battery pack. 

What to consider before buying deep cycle AGM batteries?

The cycle life of a battery is the most important thing to consider while buying a deep-cycle battery for renewable energy applications. This is the count of discharge a battery provides in its lifespan. Before reaching a certain point where the battery is unable to operate this is the point. 

Batteries of identical weight, design, process, materials, and quality might seem equal but the main difference between them is quality control. Due to difference in quality control, the lifespan of batteries differ hugely, thus the battery discharging cycle is affected. If you compare two batteries of the same Ah and if one of them have 1000 cycles discharge and another has 500, then the prior one is half the lifetime cost of the later one. 


Trojan has been a pioneer in manufacturing innovative batteries for more than 90 years. These AGM batteries are all maintenance-free batteries. You can simply maintain them with limited care and they will provide excellent performance in years to come. Hope our Trojan AGM battery review was helpful enough for you to choose the best one for you.


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