Trojan t-875 battery review | best for golf cart?

If you are looking for the best golf cart batteries then trojan batteries are the one. In this Trojan T-875 battery review, we’ll try to discuss thoroughly it.

For years they have always focused on making the best golf cart batteries. If these batteries are maintained properly then you won’t need to worry about your battery for yours. 

8 volt Trajan t-875 Battery Review in Detail

Specifications of Trojan T-875 battery

  • 44x39x17 inches Dimensions
  • Weight: 378 Pounds
  • Model number: T-875
  • First Release: October 4, 2012
  • Manufacturer: Trojan
  • ASIN: B009LRCV0U


Features of 8 Volt Trojan T-875 Battery

Here in this portion of our Trojan t-875 battery review, we’ll discuss the features of this battery.

▷ Power of Trojan t-875 Battery

As the battery provides a 170 Ah power at a 20-hour rate, we can consider the Trojan T-875 as a powerful battery. The battery is made in such a way that, it is enabled into an 8v deep cycle system. As 8v batteries are hard to find and usually it’s not available in stores, you’ll have to wait for 2 weeks to get them.

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Also, the rugged case of the battery saves it from any kind of day-to-day wear and tear and keeps the battery intact. So, under extreme conditions, this trojan battery pops out to be a performer. Also, the color of the case is quite catchy and easy to find. 

Maxguard Advanced Design Separator technology of this battery enables it to keep the appliances running for a longer period than normal batteries. Also, this technology wipes out the hassle of maintaining the battery. You can use this battery in your RV, boat, car, or truck, it can power all of them. 

▷ The lifetime of Trojan t-875 Battery

Trojan T-875 8V Golf cart batteriesA one-year warranty of the battery comes right out of the box. Throughout the lifetime of your battery, you’ll have a 5-hour working rate during which the battery will provide 145 Ah. The battery life is longer due to the long Alpha Plus technology. As we know deep cycle batteries are different especially in lifespan. As you can charge and discharge deep cycle batteries longer than you like. It’s the best part about this battery in this Trojan T-875 battery review. 

Electrical equipment can get along with this battery for a longer period. Using it in renewable energy applications you can make the most out of this Trojan T-875 golf cart battery. Considering the circumstances, they are the ones that perform quite well under pressure. 

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User’s perspective on the Trojan-875 battery

Among the users, this Trojan t-875 battery has a good reputation for spotless performance and durability. Especially in golf carts, they perform exceptionally well and they get acquainted with the user very easily. trojan battery logo

After-sale service from Trojan is satisfying. If you have any issue with your battery then the service points will help you out. But the only issue users have found with this battery is that when they order it online then along with the shipping charge, they add a handling charge of the battery as a result the price of the battery goes up.

Pros & Cons

  • The customer service of Trojan is very friendly and helpful.
  • Regarding the warranty, you have to face no difficulties and hidden conditions.
  • Extremely durable along with the rugged case around it.
  • Multiple functionalities in golf carts, solar panels, and RVs.
  • Sometimes acid builds up on the cables of the battery.

Maintenance of 8 Volt Trojan T-875 battery

In this portion of the Trojan t-875 battery review, we’ll discuss maintaining the battery.TROJAN BATTERY

▷Need to inspect Trojan t-875 Battery?

Yes, Your battery will go a long way if you frequently inspect for issues inside your battery. Trojan golf cart batteries are designed to go a long way if maintained properly. After purchasing the battery, the habit of maintaining should grow. 

Always try to find trails of crack outside the body of your battery. If any portion of the cables seems frayed then take action immediately. Also, check for corrosion and liquids on the upper side of the battery. 

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▷ How to clean Trojan t-875 Battery

Always maintain protective measures such as eye goggles and protect your hands with rubber gloves. You can use solutions that are pre-made or simply use soda & water for cleaning. 

To prevent corrosion and rust use anti-corrosion spray. While cleaning tries to check if all the connections are okay or not. 

▷ Instructions for charging Trojan t-875 Battery

Charge regularly: Always try to keep the battery charged. Discharging the battery might affect the capacity of its holding charge. You can charge the battery overnight when you are not working. 

If you use the battery for a short period, then don’t be reluctant to charge. Remember charging the right way, you can maintain the good health of your battery. Automatic chargers are an excellent idea for charging the battery overnight. Just plug the charger in and relax. The automatic charger will stop charge flow once your battery reaches its limit. 

Never Overcharge: If you overcharge your battery then it can affect the overall performance and might damage your battery permanently. That’s why we recommend using an automatic battery charger that stops charging after your battery is full. 

In case you don’t have any, be vigilant and disconnect the cable as soon as your battery is charged. Also in cases when the battery’s temperature is above 120 degrees disconnect the plugs of your charger. 


The overall performance of the Trojan t-875 is decent. As the quality of the product is ensured by the brand name of it. If you use the battery for the right purposes and maintain it properly then you’ll have no issue with it. Hope our Trojan t-875 battery review was helpful enough for you to choose the best one for you. 

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