Uniden BC355N Scanner Review: Under $100

Whether you want to stay in the know during emergencies or just to hear police frequencies, a high-quality police scanner helps you both ways. There are a lot of commercially available police scanners that can help you keep an ear out for what is happening around you. But you will find yourself confused as there are plenty of police scanners in the market. This is the reason we are presenting this article on the Uniden BC355N Scanner review. This police scanner is an awesome device loaded with every essential feature a customer desires. 

In this article, we have reviewed the Uniden BC355N 800 MHz 300-Channel Base/Mobile Scanner, one of the best in the market. The brand Uniden has always been on the top of the list of commercial scanners. Uniden’s scanners are great for journalists and every individual interested to stay up to the minute with surrounding occurrences. These police scanners are designed to pick a broad range of radio bands. With these nifty devices, you will always be informed about the traffic and road conditions as long as weather conditions.

Uniden BC355N Scanner
9.4/10 Our Score
  • The Uniden Bearcat BC355N Mobile/Base Scanner is one of the most feature packed, user-friendly, entry level scanners available today. It can pick up analog receptions including 6 Service banks for monitoring Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Marine, Air, Weather, and CB frequencies.

But the number of Uniden scanners can be overwhelming as every Uniden product is made to provide customer satisfaction. These scanners deliver you accurate real-time information and keep you prepared for emergencies like natural disasters and other potential dangers. If you are looking for which Uniden police scanner you should purchase, this Uniden BC355N Scanner review can narrow down your search.

 Uniden BC355N Scanner Review in Detail

The Uniden BC355N 800 MHz 300-channel Base Mobile Scanner is an entry-level scanner specially designed for beginners. This scanner comes with six service banks, so you can switch between fire, police, weather, CB, marine, and air frequencies. 

This scanner comes with a weather band and seven NOAA bands and gives you real-time information about storms, tornadoes, flashes, and the majority of natural disasters. The Uniden 800 MHz Scanner has a comparatively simple design and consists of Close Call RF Capture Technology and Search Lockout. So, it is good at searching for the best-suited channel for your area and also locking channels you don’t need. 

The Uniden BC355N can store 300 frequencies for quick access meaning you can find your favorite channel within minutes. Another great thing about this police scanner is its mobility. You can use it at your home or you can mount it easily in your vehicle and workspace. 

You will find the blacklist display of the Uniden 800 MHz Scanner useful too as it lets you see the display clearly at night-time. Moreover, the scanner comes packed with all the necessary cables you may need for the operation. The package includes telescoping and a window-mount mobile antenna, an AC adapter, a car socket charger, a DC power cable, necessary bracket & screws, and the owner’s manual. The scanner also holds a connector for optional antennas allowing you to extend the range. 

Uniden BC355N Scanner

The only downside of the Uniden BC355N is that this scanner is not a digital police scanner and only picks up analog receptions. So, you may not find this scanner as effective as the digital ones. However, this police scanner is one of the most affordable options you can find. 

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Compact and User-Friendly Design

The size of the Uniden 800 MHz Scanner is very compact and can fit nearly every vehicle. Though it is not a handheld radio scanner, the mobility of this device is quite fascinating. The small size of the scanners allows you to carry it around and mount it easily in your workspace or car to keep tabs on your surroundings.

A simple and user-friendly interface is another great thing a good police scanner should have. Customers can use it without having a lot of prior experience with police scanners. This device has a blacklight display which helps the customers to see the display easily while driving in the dark.

A Bunch of Frequencies

You can save more than 300 channels with preset frequencies. So, the Uniden BC355N gives you a wide range of channels to switch. It can pick up the local fire, ambulance, aircraft, and police chatter along with the air traffic. The scanning speed is also outstanding. It comes with a turbo search feature that makes it possible to search 180 channels per second

Your preferred channels also can be categorized into banks which gives you quick access to your favorite channels. That means you can listen to your favorite frequency within minutes of starting the scanner.

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Close Call RF Capture Technology

It is a Uniden-specific feature that is capable of catching signals which are close. It is designed to detect radio transmissions that are close to your location. The Close Call feature can be set up to provide you with close transmissions and alert you instantly about nearby occurrences.

Lockout Features

Uniden BC355N’s search lockout function enables you to block out frequencies you don’t want to listen to. With this function, you can lock up to 200 frequencies. When you block certain channels, this function skips those during searching or scanning to provide you with an easy and quick searching procedure. 

Preprogrammed Service Search Function

The preprogrammed service charge function is another great feature that can be beneficial to you. This special feature detects interesting channels for you on its own. The BC355N quickly picks up all the important channels like police services, emergency services, and fire departments for you. 

  • Close Call RF Capture Technology
  • Can store over 300 channels
  • The preprogrammed service search function
  • Turbo Search
  • Easy to use and program
  • Search lockout function
  • Backlit display for better readability
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Very affordable
  • Doesn’t include a keypad

Police Scanner Specialty

With 300 storable channels and wide coverage, the Uniden BC355N is an excellent entry-level scanner suitable for both home and vehicle use. This device comes along with the Close Call RF Capture Technology, service search, and lockout features to act more conveniently. Furthermore, you will be astonished to notice how easy it is to mount and program the scanner. 

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Final Words

After reviewing every specification, advantage, and disadvantage we have come to know that the Uniden BC355N is one of the most reliable scanners in this price range. It is well designed, compact, and very reliable. This device comes in handy while driving because it has a mobile design for easy mounting in cars. You will find more information in the above-mentioned article about the Uniden BC355N Scanner review. But you have to keep in mind that this scanner only works for analog receptions. So, if you need digital radio system monitoring, you should consider other advanced police scanners. However, the Uniden 800 MHz Scanner offers quite a good service for its price.

FAQ On Uniden BC355N Mobile Scanner

  • Question: Does antenna come with the BC355N

Answer: Yes, the package comes with two antennas. One is a telescoping antenna and the other one is a flexible window-mount mobile antenna.

  • Question: Does it come with a car adapter?

Answer: The Uniden BC355N 800 MHz 300-channel Base Mobile Scanner comes with a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter.

  • Question: Can you get trunked bands with the BC355N?

Answer: No, the Uniden BC355N does not support trunking and only picks up analog receptions. 


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