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The reason that dual fuel generators are becoming more and more popular day by day is because of their flexibility and reliability. People are converting their generators to dual-fuel-capable machines. Westinghouse, a renowned generators brand is also producing dual fuel generators. Therefore, we’ve tried to do our own Westinghouse dual fuel generator reviews to help you understand what’s best out there for you.

Among all the models available with dual fuel compatibility, today we will talk about the Wgen9500DF model from Westinghouse. We tried to bring out a thorough overview of the product in our Westinghouse dual fuel generator reviews. One this is clear throughout our experience with the generator is that you never regret buying it though different usage of fuel can affect the performance of the generator.

Westinghouse Wgen9500DF Reviews In Details

The next big step to our Westinghouse Wgen9500DF review is the overview of the generator. Which are pointed out below.

  • The engine used here is the Westinghouse OHV 4 stroke air-cooled 13.5 Ho 457 cc engine
  • Multi-starting system with electric, remote, and recoil start.
  • A free battery and charger are provided
  • Pulse-Flo super quite a muffler is used here.
  • In cases of overload circuit breakers cut off the engine for safety.
  • The package also comes with a spark plug torch
  • GFCI protects the house and RV during an accident caused by electricity.
  • A large fuel tank with up to 6.6 gallons of storage.
  • With 50% of the load, the generator can run for 12 hours. And with 25% of the load, it can run straight for 17.5 hours.
  • Wheel kits are included in the package with 10-inch wheels. Which makes it easy to portable.
  • Two GFCI 120V 20A (5-20R), one 120/240V 30A (L14-30R) and one 120/240V 50A (14-50R) are the AC outlets.
  • two 5V USB ports are the only outcomes of the DC outlets.
  • Volt, lifetime hours and pieces of information are displayed in the meter.
  • Comes with an out of box 3 years of residential warranty and 1 year of commercial warranty.


Westinghoue Wgen9500DF Reviews

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Specifications Of Westinghouse Wgen9500DF Generator

  • Running watts mainly 9500W
  • Peak watts 12500w
  • Running watts on propane 8500w
  • Peak watts on propane 11200w
  • Running amps available 35.5 A with 240 V and 79 A with 120V
  • AC voltage available 120/240 V
  • Fuel gauge available
  • Noise level 74 dBA
  • GFCI outlets available
  • Automatic Choke
  • OHV 4 Stroke engine
  • Weight 220 lb.
  • Included battery
  • Transfer switch available
  • ST switch available
  • 3 years of residential and 1-year commercial warranty available


  1. The 457 cc performs significantly well in heavy conditions and is perfect for long working
  2. The generator can be started and stopped from 260 feet away thanks to the smart remote.
  3. The voltage, frequency, and running hours are displayed in a digital meter.
  4. With various outlets, you can simultaneously use various electronics that are compatible with the voltage.


  1. Weighing in 220 lb. The generator is not very portable. But if you want this much power then
    you can sacrifice the option of portability. Yet, with the Westinghouse dual fuel generator
    wheels, you can easily move them to places. The flat wheels and folding handle makes
    transportation easy.
  2. No amp meter is provided with the dual fuel generator

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Why Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator Is Unique?


In the middle of the work if you run out of a certain kind of fuel you can easily switch fuel in the Westinghouse Wgen95100DF. Both transfer Switch Ready L14-30R and larger 14-50R can provide power for Air conditioner, refrigerator, and pump. Not only that the VFT data center can also be synced.

The heavy-duty 10-inch wheels make the generator transportable. With the lift bracket, you can easily move it around.


A Name to Trust

Westinghouse Dual Fuel GeneratorWestinghouse is the name of a trust. Not just by words, they provide a 3-year long warranty and technical support for a lifetime. Customer service is available across the nation. Users in their Westinghouse dual fuel generator reviews have mentioned from time to time that their high-quality power equipment has been a name of reliability over the years.

For more than 130 years the company is thriving to provide technologies that will change the course of human life. The W in Westinghouse stands for Wherever, whenever.

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Push-Button Start with Remote Key

As mentioned earlier in the overview of Westinghouse dual fuel generator reviews that Wgen9500DF comes with an electric start, so you can merely push a button and the generator just starts immediately. This feature saves the hassle of pulling and pushing.

The ability to start your generator from 109 yards away is the best thing about this dual-fuel generator.

Safety Features

An automatic low oil shut-off system is also available in this model. Westinghouse dual fuel generator reviews show that this method has been very effective to save the generator from throttling.

The GFCI also saves your electronics in case any incident happens relating to electricity.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining Wgen9500DF is a comparably easy task. You don’t need to refuel the machine often. With the large capacity fuel tank, it can run for quite some time. Most of the information and functions are easily accessible in the dial buttons on the generator. Your fuel gauge check, pressure check, and running time check are always updating. Which keeps you notified.

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So, if you know the utility of your generator and the electronics that you are going to use with this generator, which accumulated use of more than 9500 watts then this generation will be a suitable choice. Coming with a trusted brand name that has emerged as one of the leading generator makers in the industry for decades.

Throughout these Westinghouse dual fuel generator reviews, we’ve tried to bring out our experience with this dual fuel generator. The things that make it one of the best dual fuel generators. Household tasks, camping, or giving power supply to your RV, then look for nothing more than Westinghouse dual fuel generator Wgen9500DF.

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