Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scanner Reviews

Radio scanners have played an important part in the history of public safety communication, and they will continue to do so as technology advances. As for radio scanning technology, it has seen significant advancements over the years. As a result, they will continue to be a helpful technology for human consumption in the modern-day. Sometimes we get so many new and exciting features that it’s almost hard to keep updated with them all. So, in order to make things easier for you, we’ve reviewed one of the most reputable scanners available. With these Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scanner reviews, you will get to know one of the best analog scanners in the market.

Whistler has been involved in the development of radio scanners for quite some time. Additionally, their extensive industry knowledge is shown in their high-quality goods. They design their scanners to be as adaptable as possible, allowing you to quickly weave your way through challenging conditions without losing your radio scanner. Unlike digital handheld scanners, analog handheld scanners from Whistler are simple to configure and the controls are easy to see. Their mobility and ease of use make them a popular choice in the marketplace. 

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Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scanner (Black)
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  • Lock-out Function – skip over specified channels or frequencies when scanning or searching
  • Tune – find new and unlisted frequencies starting from a specified frequency,200 Channel memory – plenty of memory to store all your favorite frequencies in 10 separate storage banks
  • Scan Delay – delays scanning for two seconds before moving to another channel in order to hear replies
  • Priority Channel – set the scanner to check one channel every two seconds while scanning

In this Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scanner reviews, we are going to focus on Whistler’s one of the best analog scanners. Its straightforward appearance makes it an excellent choice whether you are new to owning a radio scanner or if you are purchasing for anyone else. The features of this scanner are well regarded for their efficiency. The lock-out function proves particularly useful when trying to navigate through busy stations in search of certain channels. To know each and every detail of this scanner, you need to pay attention to the Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scanner reviews.

Whistler Ws1010 Review in Details

You can keep track of more than 25,000 conventional broadcasts using Whistler’s analog scanner, which is both affordable and portable. There are a lot of important channels to keep an eye on. These channels include FM radio, marine radio bands, air, fire, and weather frequency channels, etc. All you have to do is click a single button and you’ll have access to the most frequent channels without having to go through any difficult programming.

The scanner features a 200-channel memory, which allows you to store all of your favorite frequencies in ten different storage banks at the same time. These 10 banks will let you organize your preferred frequencies into different channels so that you can utilize them more easily.

Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scanner Reviews

You can carry it with you everywhere you go and use it as a walkie-talkie because of its ergonomic design. This scanner has an LCD screen with a backlit option which makes it easy to see and program in low light conditions. The Key Lock feature also allows you to lock the scanner’s keypad, which is convenient. It will prevent you from accidentally changing your channel or the program when using a scanner.

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The only issue you could run into is radio static in locations where the signal is weak or non-existent altogether. In contrast, moving your radio scanner to a better reception area will instantly resolve the issue.

Plenty of Memory

Whistler WS1010 comes with enough memory to store all of your preferred frequencies in ten distinct storage banks, which makes it an excellent choice. You can keep up to 20 channels in each bank, allowing you to combine channels to make it easier to distinguish between calls. When the scanner loses power, the Whistler WS1010 retains the frequencies recorded in its memory for a long period of time.

PC Programming

In case you are not interested in manually programming frequencies, Whistler WS1010 brings some excellent news for you. You can program all of the frequencies you require using your computer. Simply download third-party software, and you’ll be able to use it to backup data. After updating the database you can program your radio frequency settings in seconds.

Lock-out Function

This feature allows you to configure your scanner so that it skips over specific channels or frequencies when scanning or looking for information. These channels must be unlocked manually by the operator.

whistler ws1010 reviewSkywarn Storm Spotter

This feature gives you immediate access to the local storm spotter network frequencies so that you can monitor storm conditions as soon as they arise. This will guarantee that you are prepared for any risky situations long before the media or the emergency services make their announcement. 

Priority Channel

One channel in each bank can be designated as a priority channel by the user. During the scanning procedure, this function allows users to prioritize specific channels which makes it possible to monitor the chosen channels on a more frequent basis than other channels. In the meantime, the scanner checks that channel for fresh broadcasts every 2 seconds while scanning the bank. You won’t miss any key conversations with the help of this feature. 

Spectrum Sweeper

In order to identify and monitor adjacent radio emissions, you can use the Spectrum Sweeper option, which allows you to sweep a range of frequencies. You can also program the scanner to sweep specified frequencies while excluding the frequencies you don’t want it to sweep.

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Scan Delay

This feature helps to delay scanning for two seconds before switching to another channel. It ensures that you don’t miss any further messages on conversations on the same channel. 

One-Touch Search

This feature allows for one-touch searches of marine, fire/police, air, ham, and weather frequencies, which is quite convenient. It will help you to find the channels quickly in an emergency. 

Weather Alert

In this case, you will be able to know the weather updates for the county or counties you choose. It will help you to know advanced updates on bad weather and will keep you safe from any hazardous situation. 

Data Cloning

Whistler WS1010 comes with another excellent feature you will love to know about. It has a data cloning feature that allows you to copy the preset data and transfer it to another WS1010 scanner.

Easy Setup

One of the best parts of this analog scanner is that it is very easy to program. In the box of this analog Hand-held Scanner, you will get an AC adapter, flex antenna, black and yellow rechargeable battery shell, and a user guide. Give some time in reading the user guide and you will get to know how this scanner works. 

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  • Advanced memory system
  • Backlight display
  • PC programming option
  • Lockout function
  • One-touch search option
  • Weather update
  • Data cloning option
  • Easy to use
  • No DC adapter included
  • Display is smaller

This Analog Handheld Scanner Specialty

Whistler WS1010 is a 200-channel scanner that allows you to listen to FM radio channels and is organized into ten different memory banks for easy access. It quickly identifies, monitors, and saves the frequencies of adjacent police, fire, and weather radio transmitters, as well as the frequencies of neighboring radio transmitters. A powerful Spectrum Sweeper enables the detection, monitoring, and storage of new frequencies in real-time. To save your time there are two options: priority channel and one-touch search.

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Final Words 

Overall, the Whistler WS1010 is a fantastic analog solution for scanner enthusiasts who are looking for a low-cost choice. Aside from that, it is also one of the police scanners with the most essential functions. Furthermore, the fact that it is a portable scanner with an ergonomic design makes it even more appealing. In every radio scanner evaluation, Whistler has always received high marks for the quality of its work. Hope, this article on the Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scanner reviews has made it clear to you already.

FAQ For Whistler WS1010 Review

  •  Do I need an outside antenna for Whistler WS1010?

Answer: No, you do not require an outside antenna for your system. Some of these might even cause damage to your scanner. One possible addition is a Long Telescoping Antenna with a BNC Connection, which is available on Amazon. It will help your reception without causing damage to your scanner, but it is not recommended.

  •  Can I charge the batteries from the scanner when it is on?

Answer: Yes, but it will take quite a long time, as well as the batteries will not be fully charged at that period. An extra battery charger, as well as two sets of rechargeable AA batteries, are recommended.

  •  Is this a police fire and ems scanner?

Answer: The WS1010 will be able to receive analog systems such as those used by police departments, firefighters, and emergency medical services. Check radioreference.com to see if your local police department is still using an analog system, or if the county has switched to a digital system. WS1040 or TRX-1 Analog/Digital scanners are recommended if you want to scan in both analog and digital formats.

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