Yuasa 3000 Battery Review [Top Car Battery]

Car batteries don’t get much attention until they stop working. You don’t want to scramble around to find a replacement for your car battery very often. The best thing you can do is to make a plan ahead and find the best car battery that would last a long time and you don’t have to face unwanted situations. In this Yuasa 3000 battery review, we’ve tried to make things easier for you to decide.

The YBX3096 model battery from Yuasa is one such battery that can provide a lengthy and outstanding service for heavily accessorized cars or high compression engines. The industry-leading features ensure superior performance and reliability.

We believe that at the end of this Yuasa 3000 battery review you’ll have a clear idea about the ins and outs of this 3000 series.

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Yuasa YBX3096 Battery Review In details


  • Manufacturer: Yuasa
  • Battery Model: YBX3096
  • Type: Sealed Battery
  • Voltage: 12V
  • 278 mm x 175 mm x 190 mm dimensions
  • Current capacity: 75 Ah
  • Cold-Start: 650A
  • Charge rate:4 Amp
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Charging indicator
  • 30,000 stars

Yuasa YBX3096 Battery

Salient Features of Yuasa YBX3096 Battery

The features which make the battery unique has been discussed in this portion of the Yuasa 3000 review.

30,000 starting unit

With approximately 30000 starting units, the car ensures the user with zero starting failure for a long period. The internal components of the battery are built in such a way that it decays very slowly over time and provides a dependable staring experience. In this price range category where most batteries run out of power, the Yuasa YBX3096 keeps running.

Extra plates for higher starting power

The 12V battery is overpowered with extra plates in the chambers. As there is no option to change plates for this battery being a ‘sealed’ battery, this is an advantage. No hassle of maintaining plates over time. The overpowered battery can easily provide enough power to start bigger vehicles as well. The battery hardly fails to start the engine with one try. Using this battery in your car you will hardly find any need for a car jump starter.

Safety lid

The rollover-proof lid of the battery keeps it safe from any possible haphazard. There may be sparks while working with your battery or while using any kind of starter with your battery. If your battery catches fire it can cause an explosion and damage your vehicle therefore the safety lid provides extra protection from these unwanted situations.

Quality & reliabilityYuasa 3000 Battery Review

If any defect is found within your battery you can have a replacement of your battery if you fulfill the warranty conditions. The replacement batteries are the same and fit right. They don’t compromise their service and reliability.

Many brands nowadays are just making batteries with the same branding and specifications but with low interior recycled materials. Therefore, if you are concerned about the quality and after-sale service then the Yuasa YBX3096 12V SMF battery is a good choice.

Safety Measures in Using the Battery

  • Users should store the battery in a cool, dry, and standard ventilated place.
  • If any sign of excessive heat is noticed then the battery should be disconnected immediately.
  • Users should place the battery in an upright position while storing it.
  • Never make a pile of batteries and avoid scratching the labels.
  • Store them in pallets but not on the ground.
  • While buying double-check the handles, they are likely to be damaged easily.

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Things to know before buying Yuasa Battery

Before buying this Yuasa battery users should keep a matter of things that are discussed in this portion of the Yuasa 3000 review.

How to get long life from the Yuasa 12V battery?

The lifetime of a battery can vary from user to user. Many factors affect the lifetime of a battery. By maintaining these factors in the user’s favor, they can get the most out of the Yuasa YBX3096.

  • Usage: If you use your battery almost every day, then your battery has a chance of long life and it is less likely to die while in action. Those batteries which are used occasionally tend to sit. Therefore, they don’t live very long. Scheduled charging is recommended.
  • Climate: The problem with a cold climate is that it makes batteries hard to start and on the contrary hot climate can make the battery discharge very quickly. Therefore, if you put your batteries in an average climate you can get the best outcome from it.
  • Application: The battery’s output is great with vehicles. Users should be careful about using accessories with this car battery. They might drain out the battery and make it wear quickly.
  • Sulfation: If there are signs of crystals on the battery that means the battery is not charging properly. When the amount of sulfation is piling up on your battery it will eventually stop charging at a time.
  • Water loss: Due to overcharging to evaporation, your battery can lose water. These conventional models are prone to such outcomes.
  • Complete Draining: Leaving your key in the car can kill your battery. Right after killing it properly, the battery should be charged 100%. This kind of event gives the battery a “heart attack”. Therefore, try to always switch off before leaving.

Yuasa YBX3096 12V 76Ah 680A SMF Battery

How to Maintain the Yuasa battery?

  • The acid level of the battery always should be maintained between the lower and upper lines
  • When in a discharged condition, don’t keep the battery idle for too long
  • Charge the battery once or twice a month
  • Try to keep the battery clean and dust-free
  • Safeguard the battery from strong impacts

What to do if the battery fails after installation?

In case your new battery becomes unusable right after its installation or after a few weeks then you should check the following factors if they are okay or not.

  • Any fault in the charging system
  • Short circuit of any kind
  • High parasitic drains
  • Any amount of dirt in the terminals of the battery
  • The electrical capacity of the battery should be compatible with the vehicle
  • Any inadequate activation of the battery


While buying a car battery the reliability of the product should not be compromised. Yuasa YBX3096 battery is among the few conventional batteries that are both feature-packed and performance-based batteries. Starting from the handles of this battery and the ability to fulfill the demands of modern vehicles, this battery is a strong contender in this price category.

Therefore, we recommend you buy car batteries that are best compatible with your vehicle. We hope that our Yuasa 3000 battery review was helpful enough for you to choose the best battery for you.

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