Yuasa ytz14s review | it’s best for dirt bike?

Since 2000 Yuasa is one of the USA’s top companies that manufactures good quality batteries suitable for motorcycles, scooters, and snowmobiles. In this article, we brought out the Yuasa YTZ14S Battery review. 

Why use Yuasa YTZ14S Battery?

Nowadays, all type of motorbike has quick start features. To make the most use of this feature, you will need the best motorbike battery. Yuasa battery is one of the best motorbike batteries that takes place at the top of the list for the preferable motorbike battery. Besides, the following information of the Yuasa YTZ14S Battery review will help you to judge this product as well.

Yuasa YTZ14S Battery
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Yuasa YTZ14S is a small battery; its dimension is 5.91 x 3.34 x 4.43 inches.
  • It suits over 30 different types of motorcycles, especially dirt bikes.
  • It supplies DC (direct current) power to your motorbike.

Yuasa YTZ14S Battery Review In Details

Spill-proof design

Yuasa YTZ14S has a unique design that prevents any leakage in your battery. You will not have to worry about spilling problems. It doesn’t need refueling water or any liquids once you install it. 

Power supply

It supplies DC (direct current) power to your motorbike. DC’s power can supply the input voltage as output voltage, such as if you input 10v then as output, you will get 10v. Yuasa battery can supply 12V as output. For this reason, you can get rid of the tension for the shortage of power.Yuasa YTZ14S Review


Yuasa has been making battery almost over the five-decade. They have been upgrading this battery; now, this battery supports almost all types of motorcycles. It suits over 30 different types of motorcycles, especially dirt bikes.

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lead-calcium technology

Lead-calcium technology is an emerging technology that increases the power of the battery. It will reduce the time for charging; you will get long time service from this batter in one charge. This technology is different from old lead-antimony technology.


The size of a motorcycle matters the most because if you buy a battery and it doesn’t fit your motorcycle, you will have to buy a new battery. Yuasa YTZ14S is a small battery; its dimension is 5.91 x 3.34 x 4.43 inches.


it’s a lightweight battery with superior power capability. The weight of the Yuasa YTZ14S is only 6.36 pounds. You will not face any difficulty carrying this battery.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Supports more than 30 different motorcycles
  • lead-calcium technology
  • Spill-proof design
  • Supply DC and outputs 12v
  • You can’t reuse this battery

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Buying guide for Yuasa YTZ14S Battery

Between different kinds of batteries that claim to be the best, one finds it hard to choose his motorcycle’s best battery. To buy the best, you will have to know about the products in detail; you will know their supportability, size and weight, materials, and service time.

After you know about all these in detail, you can choose your desired battery, we have gathered all the information, hope after this you will face no problem buying a battery for your motorcycle.


Materials are the first and far most important part of a battery. The battery cell determines how powerful the battery is and how long it can provide power. Mostly cobalt, lithium, and lead-calcium cell are used in battery cells. And the exterior part of the battery is made out of plastic. For bikes and cars, lead-calcium technology is proven to be the best. Yuasa YTZ14S has lead-calcium technology in it.


Before buying any battery for the motorcycle, you have to check if it will fit in your motorcycle or not. There are many kinds of batteries for motorcycles, but not everyone will support your bike. To know about its supportability, you should look into its box. Such as Yuasa YTZ14S supports over 30 different types of motorcycles.

Size & weight

To get the perfect battery for your motorcycle, you will have to look into its size because if the battery is big, it will not fit in your bike, and if it is small in size, you will face difficulty installing it. And as for weight, it’s almost the same for every battery that is made for motorcycles.

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Final verdict

If you are buying a battery for your motorcycle, you should buy the best products to provide you a good long-term service. Our Yuasa YTZ14S Battery review shared our knowledge about this battery and shared knowledge about how you can buy the best battery for your motorcycle.

We hope that now you will not face any problem buying a battery. And if you want to buy Yuasa YTZ14S, it will be your best choice, for its support ability over 30 different bikes. Overall, its lead-calcium technology also increases the durability of this battery.

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