zoeller m63 pump review | Why it’s so popular?

Today we are going to review one of the most popular products of Zoeller, which is the Zoeller M63. For quite some time this pump has been one of Zoellner’s most demanding products. In our Zoeller M63 pump review today we’ll discuss the ins and outs of this product and why you should consider it as an option.

Regarding performance, it’s a gem of a pump, and that’s the main reason behind it’s being so popular among the users. A compact package it is having the aspects of advanced technology, safety protection, and rugged durability. It also comes with a 5-year long warranty.

Zoeller M63 Pump Review In Detail

Unique features of the Zoeller M63 Premium Series 

Now we’ll discuss some of the top features of the pump in our Zoeller M63 pump review.

Design of Zoeller M63 pumpDesign

Zoeller m63 is another submersible pump that is produced by green monsters which is another addition to their M series. Though the design of this series is based on the 50 series pumps. Thanks to the advanced switch technology of this pump its lifetime is relatively longer than many sump pumps.

Durability is the key to this design. Following the Zoeller philosophy, they’ve used materials that offer not only durability but can hold out in extreme conditions as well. The main particular of this pump is cast iron which is extremely helpful in heat dissipation. 

Therefore, the heat dissipation system keeps the motor at a normal temperature. The housing of the pump contains epoxy powder coating. So, the design of this pump ensures its top performance. 

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The motor itself having a 3/10 HP motor defines a lot about the capacity of this pump, while you are using it in hour house. As a result for use in a basement, this sump pump is a great one. If it’s in top condition it can transfer 2580 gallons of water in a single hour up to 5 ft. The performance of the pump will decrease presumably in the case of 10 ft. To get the motor running of this pump it requires a 115V supply of electricity. Though you can always set up a separate battery backup for your pump.

To easily tackle the overflow and overload of the system there is some safety measure like thermal overload reset system. If the system can detect that the heat has gone over 130 °F then the protection system will get triggered and automatically reset the pump system. The pump also comes with a LED light for a good working experience in the dark.

Modern Switch Technology

Various present technologies are available in the M63 pump. So, an automatic switch is present in it. At the time when your job of pumping is over, the pump will automatically turn off. Which saves both time and energy.


zoeller pump companyAs the pump has a powder-coated finish of epoxy it’s also immune to corrosion and resists them at the first glance. So, as there is no existence of sheet metal parts of the pump there is no option of the pump getting rusty. It’s the best part about this pump in this whole Zoeller M63 pump review.

Sturdy Shaft Seal

The shaft seal of this pump is a combination of carbon and ceramic. Also, they offer maximum temperature while you are dewatering and they are in effect right after assembling the pump.

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Zoeller has been known for its durability and quality of products. They are likely to use the most impressive construction system regarding pumps. Though they are mainly made for residential use, you can see that they are more capable than that.

The overall construction of the pump is cast iron. If we mention, the impeller, base, and housing of this pump are cast iron materials. In the race to M63, no other competitors have cast iron materials in building them. But it is a matter of sadness that the impeller of this pump is not thermoplastic.

If you think that it’s all about the quality of the pump construction then you are wrong. Also, the bearings of the pump are made of cast iron. Carbon or ceramic steel shafts are in them. 

Zoeller M63 pumpSize of Pit and Turn 

The diameter of this pump is bigger. So, the pump only fits perfectly in larger basins. Therefore, before buying an M63 you should prepare a large basin to set it perfectly. Read the diameter requirements properly before building a basin for this purpose.

The length of the diameter should be not less than 18 inches. It’s not mainly the size of the pump but the vertical float of the pump is really big and it takes all the space available. So, to avoid hang-ups the basin should be a big one. The automatic operation of the pump is conducted by the vertical switch. 

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Discharge & Clogging

Now almost all of the models of sump pumps support the 1/1-2 discharge adapter of NPT. So, M63 also is compatible with the 1-1/2 discharging system.

Also, the M63 has extreme solid handling capability. If you through solids up to ½ inches the diameter can cope with it easily. Where the condition of the basin is harsh this option helps a lot. 

If any solid material gets through then the impeller can get damaged. But it’s unlikely with this pump as it’s designed to cope up with them, thanks to the cast iron impeller. Also, this model has a non-clogging handy impeller. 

Pros & Cons


  • 100% cast iron materials 
  •  Electrical float switch activation
  • Moisture protection due to the Viton switch
  • LED plug and indicators help to work in the dark

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  • Price is a bit on the higher side compared to the M53

Troubleshooting and Installation Tips 

Some tips regarding troubleshooting and installation are provided in this portion of the Zoeller M63 pump review. If you are using the M63 then always try to check the float switch of this pump from time to time. Also, users are recommended to do this if your basin does not fill up regularly. 

Try to get a dc backup sump pump and if possible add a water alarm option to get the best out of your sump pump. Due to use and lapse of time, the float switch can get stuck and it can stop functioning. And in the time of need, this can be a pickle because it will not work properly.

Zoeller M63 Premium Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump
  • Housing material : Cast iron
  • Submersible
  • Horsepower : 3/10 HP
  • 1-1/2″ NPT discharge
  • Maximum discharge flow : 43 gym


FAQ Of Zoeller M63 Pump

Some of the commonly asked questions about the Zoeller pumps have been answered in this portion of the Zoeller M63 pump review.

What Is New?

Being a premium submersible pump, it features a 5-year long warranty. Also, the previously normal float switch is now a mechanical switch which is also mechanical. A new technology naming the Viton boot is available so that every time electricity runs through the plug it lights up.

Why Upgrade is so important?

Having a 3-year long warranty of a pump is okay but having 2 more additional years is not going to harm anyone and also it a great surety for the people who are willing to use the pump for a longer period. So, the extension of the warranty is significant.

We all know that mechanical switches provide longer durability and therefore you’ll not need to change the float switch of your pump very often. You also get a moisture-free environment thanks to the Viton boot’s advanced technology. Also, a glowing plug is easily visible in dark places. You don’t need to perform any kind of test to see if electricity is flowing in it or not.

Why Is M63 have good ratings?

  • The pump has enough weight due to the cast iron material, housing, and impeller. Also, it has a heat dissipation system and protection against the cracking and wrapping of the pump is also available. So, users always have a neat and corrosion-free experience while using this pump. The weight helps the pump to have a stronger hold at the basin.
  • Almost all the components of the pump like a handle, fasteners, and float guard are stainless steel therefore, they are rust-free.
  • Also, there is protection so that the float does not get hung up on the wall of the basin. 
  • Pump failure is rare to the float as it’s quite solid and polypropylene. 
  • Each pump is tested equally before leaving the factory so, they are ready for installation when at hand and you just have to follow the instructions on the manual. 

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Buying Guide For Zoeller M63 Pump

zoeller pump companyNow we would like to discuss in this portion of our Zoeller M63 pump review the things you should consider before buying a Zoeller M63 sump pump.

Why consider buying a Zoeller M63 Premium Series sump pump?

Before buying a sump, pump users should know about an actual sump pump to choose the best one suitable for them. The water that is gathered in the basin of the basement of any house can be removed with the help of a sump pump. You can apply many methods to get the water flow through the sump basins namely, – channeling rain, natural water, border drains, or any waterproofing methods. If you find that the groundwater is existent above the basement of your house then you can have natural groundwater pass in the sump basin.

If the basement of your house regularly gets flooded then Zoeller sump pumps are best to solve the issue. If the level of the water table rises above the foundation then your house will get damp. SO Zoeller m63 premium series can easily solve this normal problem. It can easily collect the still water and discharge it to another place where there is a good drainage system available. You’ll have a variety of options as there are different types of sump pumps to choose from nowadays. 

Power of Motor

Always be keen on the horsepower of your pump while buying one. So, you’ll easily be capable of understanding the power of the motor and it will give you ideas about the probable efficiency of the pump that you are going to buy. Besides, always try to avoid ‘can’ motors as they come in a metal package and you will not be able to understand how the quality is.

You’ll always have superior performance if you use a powerful motor. So, the more powerful unit you have the more consistency it will provide. We recommend that a basement pump should have 1/3 to ½ HP.

Materials and Assemble

While buying a sump pump look for the ones which are built with non-corrosive materials. A very non-corrosive popular material is cast iron. Therefore, this keeps the motor dry all day keeps it running without any problem. So, you won’t need frequent replacements and daily maintenance.


There are many types of sump pumps nowadays. But mainly they are pedestal, submersible, or water-powered. Among these submersible pumps are quite ahead of other ones regarding silent operation and their powerful performance compared to the others.

If you combine a battery with a submersible pump you will have the most powerful and reliable wet protection system that is currently available. 

Resistance to Clog

Regarding qualities, submersible sump pumps are the best available right now. But they are also kind of susceptible to clogging compared to other models. So, if you want to avoid this situation always go for a submersible pump that can sit on the sump pit. If debris and clog hamper the view of the screen then the submersible pump will go without the screen.

Final Word

In this whole Zoeller M63 pump review, we’ve seen that it almost touches all the aspects of a perfect submersible pump. Unique features like a mechanical switch lighted plugs, and cast iron build with a stainless finish make the pump invincible. Almost gives you a soundless removal of unwanted water from your basement. We hope that our review was helpful enough for you and help you in choosing the best pump to get rid of your water problems.

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